A group of students sitting down with their laptops


Everyday events such as club activities, recreation, and community service build character and transform students into leaders. Student Affairs' programs and services create and foster a campus experience that empowers students to improve themselves, their community and, the world.

Who We Are

The Division of Student Affairs is organized into three units to better serve students and the campus community. In addition to these units, the vice president has an office staff as well as a council and leadership team that provide input, leadership, and direction to the division.

Vice President's Office Units Vice President's Council 

What We Do

A student's to-do list can often look like this:

  • Join a club
  • Find a place to live
  • Work out
  • Get involved
  • See a doctor
  • Meet new people
  • Study
  • Volunteer

In the Division of Student Affairs, we help students check off this list and more. Our services and programs keep students active and engaged in life and learning. They also keep students safe and healthy while pursuing their college careers.

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