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Student Diversity & Social Justice

Student Diversity & Social Justice (SDSJ) engages with the campus community to provide co-curricular multicultural, international, and social justice programming and operates the Center for Social Justice.


Student Diversity & Social Justice (SDSJ) is committed to providing a place for identity exploration and reclamation through co-curricular multicultural, intercultural, and social justice programming in order to serve the needs of UNLV’s underrepresented student populations.

Utilizing Dr. Beverly Tatum's ABC approach to Creating Climates of Engagement on diverse campuses, we specifically strive to:

  • Affirm identity by providing students an inclusive environment to examine cultural identity, educate self, and develop cross-cultural competence.
  • Build community by engaging with others and uniting around social justice issues that affect our local, national, and global communities.
  • Cultivate leadership by creating opportunities to gain knowledge and skills that prepare students to be active within our communities.

Ultimately, our goal is for all UNLV students to feel affirmed and empowered to make positive social change within our communities.

Tatum, B. D. (2000). The ABC Approach to Creating Climates of Engagement on Diverse Campuses. Liberal Education, 86(4), 22-29.

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Main Office:
Student Union (SU), Room 316

Center for Social Justice:
Houssels House

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