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The Division of Student Affairs provides quality services and programs that create educational opportunities, foster collegiate success, enhance continuous learning, and promote a just and inclusive campus. Your support and contributions will unite the students at UNLV to promote cohesiveness and unity, leading to a stronger school spirit and legacy.

The Division strives to enhance the lives of our students by providing unique experiences. For a student, the university environment often becomes the focal point of personal discovery. In this unique setting, they join others in an exploration of knowledge, cultures, people, and personal beliefs.

By making a gift to the Student Affairs General Fund you are providing the Vice President of Student Affairs the opportunity to designate your gift where the need is greatest. Gifts are subject to a 95%/5% allocation of funds to the donor's designation and for university initiatives, respectively. Thank you for your generous support!

Contact Information

Division of Student Affairs
Office: FDH 514
Phone: 702-895-3656
Fax: 702-895-4148
Email: studentaffairs@unlv.edu