S.O.S. Emergency Relief Fund

Supporting Our Students

The S.O.S. Emergency Relief Fund provides students with assistance when faced with an unexpected emergency situation. Funding is limited to once per academic year with a maximum award of $500.

All currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional UNLV students are eligible to apply. Examples of emergency situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Accidents 
  • Death of a family member
  • Fire damage
  • Food insecurity
  • Housing Insecurity
  • Illness

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must have a financial hardship resulting from a sudden or unexpected occurrence;
  • Applicant must be a currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate or professional UNLV student;
  • Applicant must be in good academic and conduct standing with UNLV;
  • An applicant is only eligible to apply for this emergency assistance fund once per academic year;
  • Fund disbursement will not exceed $500;
  • Applicant must fully complete the application to be considered for assistance.  Follow the link to the application in the Application Process section below;
  • Upon receipt of emergency funds, the applicant is required to schedule and attend one financial coaching session;
  • A financial coaching session is required for an applicant to be considered for a second emergency funds request.

Application Process

Students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply at the SOS Emergency Funds Application. The application will only be open when funding is available. Students are encouraged to provide supplemental information as part of their application, but it is not a requirement.

Supplemental information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Documentary evidence  (photographs or videos)
  • Income verification
  • Letters of support
  • Medical bills
  • Repair estimate(s)

To apply, click on the application link here. (Reminder: The application will only be open when funding is available.)

NOTE: When an application is successfully submitted, the applicant will receive an auto-generated reply.

Strengthen Your Financial Literacy

UNLV financial coaches are here to provide interested students with information on financial topics, including but not limited to:

  • Debt Alleviation
  • Financial Health
  • Goal Setting
  • Income Generation
  • Spending Plans

Financial coaching sessions are free. Information on how to schedule a session will be provided upon approval of the application.

Please email sosf@unlv.edu for general inquiries.

Alternative Resources

In hopes to provide additional assistance, below are some other alternatives for seeking resources:

Q: What is the purpose of the S.O.S. Emergency Relief Fund?

A: As funding permits, the S.O.S. Emergency Relief Fund provides students with financial assistance when faced with an unexpected emergency situation.

Q: How do I apply for S.O.S. Emergency Relief Funds?

A:S.O.S. Emergency Fund requests are submitted via the online application located on our website (https://www.unlv.edu/campuslife/sos-fund). The application link is located towards the bottom of the page under the Application Process section; it will only be visible when funding is available.

Q: I've visited the webpage and want to apply; however, I cannot access the application link, why is it not accessible/visible?

A: The application link will only be visible/active when funding is available.

Q: When are S.O.S. Emergency Relief funds available?

A: As funding permits, each semester, this fund's application link will open during the second week of September, February, and June (respectively for fall, spring, and summer semesters). The application will remain open until the designated funds are exhausted for that semester.

Q:When and how will I be notified about my application status?

A: Applications will be reviewed within 5 - 7 business days and you will receive a decision notification via email within that time frame. Email notifications will be sent to the email address you included on your application. Please verify your email address before submission.

Q: If awarded, when and how will I receive the funds?

A: These funds are processed through Financial Aid as a scholarship and, if applicable, a refund is processed (separately) through the Cashiering and Student Accounts Office.

After receiving your award email notification, please allow 12 - 15 business days for Financial Aid processing. Once the funds have been disbursed you will receive an email notification. If you have already maxed your cost of attendance, you will receive a reduction in existing loans/aid. Also, please know if you have a UNLV bill the funds will pay towards the bill first.  Please check your MyUNLV account for updates and verify your home and mailing addresses in the MyUNLV system.

Q: What is the separate process for the Cashering and Student Accounts Office?

After Financial Aid disburses the award, the Cashiering and Student Accounts Office will begin your refund process. Depending on your current account status, you will receive your refund as a direct deposit (requires Direct Deposit setup) or paper check. Please check your MyUNLV account for updates and verify your home and mailing addresses in the MyUNLV system.  NOTE:  If a check is mailed to the wrong address or not received in a couple of weeks, please email the Cashiering and Student Accounts Office informing them of the situatiion and asking them to void the check and reissue a new check. 

Q: If I previously received these funds can I receive funds again?

A:  A student may be awarded these funds one time per academic year.

Q: What if I didn't complete the required Money Managing Workshop via the Academic Success Center (ASC)?

A: You will be ineligible for these funds until you complete the workshop. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Please email us your question(s) at sosf@unlv.edu.

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