Fundraising is considered a normal organizational function. It is imperative that funds raised be managed and utilized by the Registered Student Organization and are directed by the constitution created by the organization. For an extended definition of fundraising at UNLV, view the RSO Handbook.

Fundraising Do's

  • Engage all general members in brainstorming potential fundraisers.
  • Know UNLV fundraising policies.
  • Establish ahead of time your target fundraising goal and what it will go towards.
  • Plan ahead (good fundraisers take time).
  • Establish a process for managing funds (your constitution should outline how money is managed for your organization).
  • Know what students like.
  • Be creative!
  • Keep it simple. The more complicated it becomes, the more expensive it becomes.

Fundraising Don'ts

  • Plan last minute (make sure there is adequate enough time to advertise and market your event).
  • Solicit door to door donations (door to door solicitation is not allowed on the UNLV campus).
  • Use the UNLV trademark without permission.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Asking for donations for a service (e.g.,holding an event and asking for a donation to attend).
  • Establishing Membership Dues (this needs to be written into your constitution and voted upon by members.
  • Working with a local third-party vendor to earn a portion of their sales proceeds (the RSO should not receive sale proceeds from the sale of alcohol).
  • Participating in Festival of Communities.
  • Selling non-perishable items (the Craft Club selling crafts they have hand-made).

Whenever your organization is thinking of possible fundraisers, it is always a good idea to run it by a UNLV staff member. If you are holding the event on-campus make sure you are communicating regularly with Student Union Event Services. For further questions regarding fundraising policies on campus you can contact Student Union Event Services.