Sunny Gittens

Executive Director
Office: SU 302D
Phone: 702-895-5606

Savannah Baltera

Office: SU 302-T
Phone: 702-895-4803

Megan Brower

Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Office: SU 302S
Phone: 702-895-2047

Marni Dow

Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Office: SU 302U
Phone: 702-895-2508

Colt Kraus

Assistant Director of Student Government and Activities
Office: SU 313K
Mail Code: 2009
Phone: 702-895-5628

Ericka Muñoz

Office Manager
Office: SU 302
Phone: 702-895-5702

Elba Palacios

Interim CSUN Business Manager
Office: SU 313J
Mail Code: 2009
Phone: 702-895-4158

Craig Shook

Program Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Office: SU 302X
Phone: 702-895-5565