An embroidery of an outline of the Nevada state with the words "UNLV Tradition Keeper" on a red folder

Tradition Keeper Medallion Program

The Tradition Keeper Medallion Program is a unique way for the UNLV community to document their memories and be rewarded in the process.


As we embark on this exciting journey, we come together as one community, committed to preserving the cherished traditions and legacies that have shaped our college into the extraordinary place it is today.

Like the intertwined threads of a tapestry, traditions form an integral part of the fabric that binds us together, transcending generations and uniting us in shared experiences and values. They are the living bridges that connect the past, the present, and the future, carrying the essence of our history, pride, and aspirations through time.

The Tradition Keeper Medallion Program stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and nurturing these unique and time-honored practices. From the raucous cheers at sporting events to the solemn ceremonies of academic achievement, from the heartwarming rituals that mark the beginning and end of each academic year to the inspiring traditions that foster camaraderie and community spirit, every aspect of our campus life holds a story worth preserving.

By documenting, promoting, and passing down these traditions, we ensure that they remain an integral part of our college experience for generations to come. The Tradition Keeper program serves as a compass that steers us toward continuity, reminding us of the values that have always set us apart.

Get Started

During Rebel Ready Week, new students will receive a copy of the Tradition Keeper Passport. You can also grab a passport in the Student Involvement & Activities Office on the 3rd floor of the Student Union in room 316.

The Tradition Keeper Passport is your personal record for each completed tradition. Some events will offer the stamps for you when you participate, so bring your passport with you to UNLV events and programs like Premier UNLV, the Involvement Fair, and Oozeball. Traditions can be completed in any order, and any student, alumnus, faculty or staff member can participate.

Though the Passport program is supported and guided by a diverse committee, it is spearheaded as a joint effort between Student involvement & Activities and Alumni Engagement Offices.

Earn Your Medallion

Once you've collected stamps you’ll earn a commemorative Tradition Keeper Sticker. Keep earning, until you complete 57 traditions to earn your exclusive medal for commencement and be recognized as an Official Tradition Keeper.

You can complete your passport at any time, but please submit your medallion request no less than five days before commencement.


For more information or to suggest a new tradition, contact Jordan Fischette at and mention Tradition Keepers in the subject line.