The Involvement Newsletter is designed to share updates, announcements, and information about involvement opportunities at UNLV. The newsletter is published twice per month on the first and third Wednesdays and is delivered to all students who are members of at least one Registered Student Organization (RSO) in the Involvement Center.

The Involvement team will accept newsletter submissions from any UNLV RSO or Department regarding involvement opportunities. To contribute to the newsletter complete the submission form at least two days before publication. Submissions should include:

  • Event/program name
  • Date and time
  • Location and admission information
  • Short description (maximum 250 characters)
  • Marketing flyer or image attachment
  • Link where interested students can find more information

*Note that the newsletter is not published during winter break or the summer semesters.

Have questions about the Involvement Newsletter? Reach out to us at

*The Involvement Newsletter was formerly known as the RSO Newsletter.

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