Tax Information

Student organizations cannot act as an extension of UNLV in that they are not covered by liability insurance or tax-exempt status from UNLV or the Nevada Board of Regents. Registered student organizations must seek tax-exempt status as well as purchase their own liability insurance when needed.

Student groups classified as Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are recognized by the university as an independent and separate organization from the university. Student groups classified as RSOs are legally independent and autonomous from the university and therefore do not have access to the university's tax-exempt status and may not use the university tax identification number. Student groups seeking tax-exempt status must file on their own behalf with the state of Nevada and/or the Internal Revenue Service.

Completing Form W-9

  1. Name: Enter the organization's legal name on the "Name" line and any "doing business as" (DBA) name on the "Business name/disregarded entity name" line.
  2. Federal Tax Classification(Check the appropriate box):
    • Corporate Nonprofits
      • If your organization has not received federal tax-exempt status, check the Other box and specify nonprofit corporation.
      • If your organization has received federal tax-exempt status, check the Other box and specify Tax-Exempt Organization. Also check the box for Exempt Payee.
    • Unincorporated Association: Check theOtherbox and specify unincorporated association.
  3. In Part I, enter your EIN that you received through filing Form SS-4.
  4. Sign and date.