Registered student organizations have access to the following:

  1. Use of the following areas for meetings and events at free or reduced rates:

    (Note) Scheduling Liaisons: All RSOs are required to have two scheduling liaisons to represent their organization. This position is a requirement for organizations that would like to make reservations with the University. The position can only be updated at the time of registration in the Fall semester and at the beginning of the Spring semester (before Spring break). Only reservations requests submitted by approved scheduling liaisons will be considered for space approval.

  2. Eligibility to apply for funding – Registered student organizations have multiple opportunities to apply for financial assistance for official RSO business, activities, and initiatives. For in-depth instructions, details and policies, please see the finances and insurance page.
  3. Access to student organization specific email and web accounts.
  4. Ability to have an on-campus mailbox and storage, via Student Involvement & Activities – Student Organization Resource Center (SORCE).
  5. Participation in campuswide events, including UNLV Homecoming, Involvement Fair, and New Student Orientation Expos.
  6. Ability, by request, to promote events on the campus wide UNLV Event Calendar.
  7. Inclusion in the RSO directory.
  8. Consultation with Student Involvement & Activity staff members to assist with organizational issues, conflict management, and university policy.

The benefits you are able to access as an officer of a student organization are for your organization’s use alone. For instance, reserving a meeting room, event venue or contact table allows you to use this space only for your organization’s purpose. You cannot reserve spaces for use by other student organizations, university departments, outside organizations, or individual use to provide access or reduced costs in using university facilities, services, or staff. Providing this inappropriate access to student organization benefits may result in disciplinary action against your organization.