This organization fosters collaborative research across and within disciplines that is relevant to infants, children, and families within the community who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse. The research involves community partners, faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students to support their professional development. The research is translational in that it is applied within community settings or used to inform issues relevant to infant, child, and family policies at the local, state, or federal level.

Jennifer L. Rennels, Ph.D.

Coordinator of the UNLV Child & Family Policy Consortium
Professor and Psychological and Brain Sciences Program Coordinator
Office: CBC-B 432
Mail Code: 5030
Phone: 702-895-0648

Teresa Byington

Associate Professor/Extension Specialist
University of Nevada, Reno (Cooperative Extension – Clark County)

Stephen T. Fife

Associate Professor
Marriage and Family Therapy
Office: MPE-A 115
Phone: 702-895-3117

Amanda Haboush-Deloye, Ph.D.

Chief Research Associate
UNLV Nevada Institute for Children's Research and Policy
Office: GTW 399
Mail Code: 3063
Phone: 702-895-5908

Erin E. Hannon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Office: CBC-B 343
Mail Code: 5030
Phone: 702-895-4687

Katherine Hertlein, Ph.D.

Marriage and Family Therapy
Office: MPE-A 115
Mail Code: 3045
Phone: 702-895-3210

Christopher A. Kearney, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor
Department of Psychology
Office: CBC-B 437
Mail Code: 5030
Phone: 702-895-0183

Maryssa Kucskar

Visiting Lecturer
Department of Educational and Clinical Studies (Early Childhood Special Education and Special Education)

Hoa N. Nguyen, M.S.

Visiting Lecturer
Marriage and Family Therapy
Office: MPE 111
Phone: 702-895-3398

Sharolyn D. Pollard-Durodola, Ed.D.

Department of Educational & Clinical Studies
Office: CEB 152
Mail Code: 3014
Phone: 702-895-4192

Rachael D. Robnett, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: CBC-B 313
Mail Code: 5030
Phone: 702-895-5595

Sharon Tettegah

Professor & Associate Dean, Research & Sponsored Projects, Department of Teaching & Learning
Office: CEB 361
Phone: 702-895-1176

Claire Tredwell, Ph.D.

Director, UNLV/CSUN Preschool, Administrative Faculty
Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Education Center, Department of Educational and Clinical Studies
Mail Code: 3004
Phone: 702-895-1322