Psychology at UNLV has a long and rich tradition of excellence in research and teaching as well as service to the university, the community, and the field of psychology. Our faculty members conduct cutting-edge research on a variety of topics in areas such as:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Quantitative methods
  • Social psychology

One advantage to conducting research in this environment is the diversity of our undergraduate student population and the diversity of Las Vegas. The department also has connections with many community organizations (e.g., private schools; Clark County agencies; and counseling, treatment, medical, and neuroscience centers).

Our undergraduate major—one of the largest at the university—focuses on providing students with a solid grounding in research methods and statistics and a broad and balanced exposure to the many subareas of psychology.

The department offers Ph.D. programs in clinical and experimental psychology. Our cooperative and collaborative departmental climate is an ideal setting for obtaining advanced training in psychology.

The department is located in the Classroom Building Complex. Well-equipped labs in major areas of psychology are readily available to students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Psychology B.A. degree program is to educate undergraduate students in fundamental psychological concepts and to develop communication, critical thinking, and research skills to prepare them for employment in psychology-related areas and/or the pursuit of advanced degrees in psychology.

The mission of the Department of Psychology Ph.D. degree programs is to train graduate students as psychological scientists who possess a broad foundation of psychological knowledge, critical thinking and evaluation skills, an ability to conduct independent research that meets international standards of excellence, and—where relevant—skills necessary to address psychological concerns.

The mission of the Department of Psychology faculty is to generate and disseminate psychological knowledge through original scholarly research and teaching, enhance multiculturalism and diversity, and serve the community by bringing faculty and student expertise to bear on important local and regional issues.