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Opportunities for Research Experience

Undergraduate students at UNLV are strongly encouraged to gain research experience by becoming research assistants in a psychology lab. By getting involved in laboratory research, you can enhance your understanding of the methods psychologists use and the process through which they discover new information about psychology.

Research assistants are active members of a research team, interacting with undergraduates who have similar educational and career interests, working closely with faculty and graduate students and in some cases having research culminating in an honors thesis, presentation, or publications. Students can volunteer or sign up for PSY 496 (Independent Study) or PSY 498 (Independent Research) for academic credit.

Labs on Campus
Laboratory Director
Neuropsychology Research Program Dr. Daniel Allen
Math Cognition Lab Dr. Mark Ashcraft
Interactive Measurement Group Dr. Kim Barchard
Psychophysiology of Emotion and Personality Dr. Stephen Benning
Reasoning and Memory Lab Dr. David Copeland
Family Research & Services & TOPPS Dr. Bradley Donohue
Development of Irritability, Mood and Emotions Research Lab Dr. Andrew Freeman
Auditory Cognition and Development Lab Dr. Erin Hannon
Hines Group Comprehensive Neuroscience Lab Dr. Rochelle Hines
H.i.v.e. Lab - Hyman in vivo electrophysiology laboratory Dr. James Hyman
The UNLV Child School Refusal and Anxiety Disorders Clinic Dr. Christopher Kearney
Behavioral Neuroscience Lab Dr. Jefferson Kinney
Human Memory Lab Dr. Colleen Parks
Baby and Child Rebel Lab Dr. Jennifer Rennels
Social Development Research Lab Dr. Rachael Robnett
Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Dr. Joel Snyder
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