Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program is a mathematically rigorous, scientifically oriented curriculum that prepares students to become proficient in all fundamental areas and techniques of computer science. Students learn how to develop efficient algorithms to solve problems in a variety of application areas and implement their solutions using appropriate programming languages and computer systems. This degree program will also prepare students to pursue research opportunities and postgraduate studies in Computer Science.

The Bachelor of Science degree follows the model curriculum specified by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze complex problems using methods from computer science theory or mathematics to identify solutions.
  2. Apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems.
  3. Apply computer science theory and mathematical models to comprehend the tradeoffs involved in various design choices.
  4. Use appropriate tools or techniques to implement and evaluate programs or computer-based systems.
  5. Function effectively on a team to accomplish a common goal.
  6. Communicate effectively with a range of audiences.
  7. Effectively communicate the professional, ethical, legal and security impacts associated with computing practice.
  8. Be proficient in an application area of computing and be able to explain the importance of maintaining professional development.

Career Possibilities

Computer Science graduates are in high demand and are prepared for a wide variety of well-paid professional careers. Our graduates may pursue opportunities in many areas including:

  • Database Administration
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Network Administration
  • Systems Administration
  • Information Assurance and Security


Accredited by the Accreditation Commission of ABET (

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