2019 NSA/NSF GenCyber Summer Camp

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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing job categories with the largest skills gap. According to cybersecurity data tool CyberSeek, there is an annual talent shortfall of over 200,000 workers for cybersecurity jobs in the United States alone. In 2015, the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation teamed up to address this shortfall by piloting the GenCyber program to grow the number of students studying cybersecurity in the United States.

This summer, UNLV’s Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering will hold its 2019 GenCyber Summer Camp, providing local high school students a truly unique cybersecurity learning experience.


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Summary of GenCyber Camp

During the GenCyber camp, students participate in hands-on activities and games covering topics such as encryption techniques, cybercrimes, and mobile security. They have the opportunity to hear directly from global security and IT experts from organizations like Las Vegas Sands Co., Verizon, the United States Secret Service, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, among others. And they engage in cyber drama acting classes with a presentation of a cyber skit on the final day of camp. The camp is available at no cost to the students participating thanks to a grant from the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation.

Lectures and Labs include:

  1. Internet and networking
  2. Cybersecurity concepts
  3. Online behavior and human factors
  4. Cybercrime and protection
  5. Cryptography and passwords
  6. Wireless and mobile security
  7. Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  8. Cybersecurity poster creation

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CyberCamp students looking at a laptop.


The UNLV GenCyber Summer Camp is sponsored jointly by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation.

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