The President's Advisory Council (PAC) consists of an At-Large Faculty member selected by the President (Chair), the President's Senior Advisor, the Immediate-Past Faculty Senate Chair, the Administrative Faculty Committee Chair, the Classified Staff Council Chair, the GPSA President, the CSUN President, and representatives from select campus constituencies.

With representation of campus leaders from all sectors of UNLV, the PAC invites the campus community to submit issues of importance. These issues will be communicated to the President. Find out where to turn when personally aggrieved, subjected to adverse personnel actions or as a witness to inappropriate or prohibited conduct.

To send an email to the entire Advisory Council, please contact them at:

Council Members

Savannah Baltera

Administrative Faculty Committee Chair
Savannah Baltera
Office: SSC-B 216
Phone: 702-774-8026

William Bauer

American Indian Alliance
William Bauer Headshot
Office: WRI-B 316
Phone: 702-895-0918

Ross Bryant, M.A.

Military and Veteran Services Center
Ross Bryant
Phone: 702-774-4311

Phillip Burns

Q:UNLV (GLBTQIA Faculty/Staff Alliance)
A man in a suit smling
Office: CDC-01 123
Mail Code: 2019
Phone: 702-895-4076

Dr. Cynthia Carruthers

Women's Council
Cynthia Carruthers
Phone: 702-895-4192

Juanita Fain, Ph.D.

Special Liaison to the President
Juanita Fain Headshot
Office: FDH 610
Mail Code: 1001
Phone: 702-895-1473

Shaun Franklin-Sewell, Ph.D.

Employee Benefits Advisory Committee
Shaun Franklin-Sewell
Office: JBT 21
Mail Code: 5005
Phone: 702-895-4710

Chris L. Heavey, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President and Provost
Chris Heavey headshot
Office: FDH 752
Mail Code: 1002
Phone: 702-895-3301

Bryan Hilbert

Differently Abled Community
Bryan Hilbert
Office: SSC-A 143H
Mail Code: 2015
Phone: 702-895-0866

Nakia Jackson-Hale

Black Professional Women's Alliance
Woman Smiling
Office: BHS 512
Phone: 702-895-1230

Sidath Kapukotuwa

GPSA Vice President
Office: FDH 502
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-5356

Rimi Marwah, M.S.

Asian Pacific American Faculty Staff Alliance
headshot image of Rimi Marwah
Office: GUA 4108
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009

Tarryn McGhie, Ph.D.

Council of African-American Professionals
Tarryn McGhie
Office: BHS 359
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-2545

Janis McKay, D.M.A.

Faculty Senate
Janis McKay
Office: FDH 652
Phone: 702-895-4210

Joshua Padilla

CSUN President
Joshua Padilla

Vincent Perez, Ph.D.

Alliance of Latino Faculty
Office: RLL 247
Mail Code: 5011
Phone: 702-895-4001

Douglas A. Unger

Nevada Faculty Alliance
Douglas A. Unger
Office: RLL 217
Mail Code: 5011
Phone: 702-895-3405

Keith E. Whitfield, Ph.D.

UNLV President
UNLV President Keith Whitfield Headshot
Office: FDH 754
Mail Code: 1001
Phone: 702-895-3201