Have a one-on-one with the President's AI!

Looking for resources, need someone to talk to, or simply want to engage in a little Rebel fun?

Digital President Whitfield is here to serve as a personal connection and FAQ guide to all prospective and current students, as well as their parents.

Talk to Digital President Whitfield and he’ll help you find the resources you need, including answers on the following topics:

  • Academic programs
  • Health and wellness
  • Mentorships
  • UNLV and more!

The AI-native being utilizes many different components of technology to bring you on demand information in an anonymous experience. It will not know everything and will continue to improve over time as its training set grows.

Best Practices

In order to have the best experience with President Whitfield’s digital self, here are a few quick guidelines:

  1. Space: Find a nice quiet space and get comfortable. Lots of background audio will cause feedback issues and will hinder the experience.
  2. Performance: The avatar is experimental on mobile and you may have a degraded experience. Here are some tips to maximize performance on your mobile device.
  3. Connection: Ensure you have a good WiFi or cell signal connection. Greater than 20Mbps download speeds and 5Mbps upload speeds will allow for a better conversation. Check your download/upload speed.
  4. Hearing: Utilize headphones to get the best quality audio and so the AI can hear you more clearly via the headphones built-in microphone.
  5. Speaking: Make sure to speak clearly and enunciate well. When the AI is speaking, wait for the AI to finish its thoughts before replying.

Data Privacy

Privacy is a key component to the future of AI. We have partnered with the AI Foundation and AI.XYZ to bring this digital creation of President Whitfield to life.

The entire experience is anonymous and your data is not connected to you in any personally identifiable way.

When you enable audio recording when first starting the application, it will begin to record via your built in microphone and will be displayed as such. If you do not enable your microphone, Digital Whitfield will not be able to hear you. However, you can use the chat function to send messages to him to communicate instead of speaking directly to him.

We safeguard all data in secure and encrypted storage via Amazon cloud with in-transit encryption and server-side encryption. We have various protocols in place for 24/7 data security monitoring.

You can find more information regarding data privacy and this usage on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.