Information for Prospective Students


  • The Department of Political Science awards graduate assistantships on a competitive basis. These positions provide students with a stipend, healthcare, and assistance with fees and tuition in exchange for employment as a teaching or research assistant.
  • Individual faculty members may also support graduate students through external and internal grants.
  • Graduate students often work as part-time instructors, teaching their own courses in the department.
  • Learn more about funding graduate education.

Research Opportunities

  • A hallmark of our graduate program is research partnerships between faculty members and graduate students.
  • Collaborations between faculty members and graduate students have resulted in publications of books, journal articles, and book chapters in edited volumes. Please view the Graduate Student Research PDF file for a bibliography.
  • Graduate student research is also supported by the graduate student colloquium series, travel grants, summer fellowships, and workshops.

Teaching Opportunities

  • Political science graduate students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the classroom working as teaching assistants and instructing their own courses.
  • The Department of Political Science and the Graduate College offer numerous resources to support and mentor graduate student teaching, including the Graduate College Teaching Certificate.

Graduate Placement

  • Graduates of the Ph.D. program have been placed in tenure-track academic positions, as analysts in government agencies, and as policy advisors to elected officials. 
  • Graduates of the MA program have continued their graduate education in Ph.D. and law programs at UNLV and elsewhere, while others work in local government, on the UNLV campus, or as analysts for private and non-profit organizations.