Welcome to the Center for Migration, Demography, and Population Studies (CMDP) website. CMDP is a collaborative, multidisciplinary center engaged in high impact research, educational initiatives, and community programs and partnerships that facilitate a deeper understanding of all facets of migration, demography and population change, and their societal impacts.


In 2015, the Migration, Demography, and Population Studies Center Initiative developed out of a collaborative discussion among the UNLV faculty regarding the importance of migration and demographic change to the evolving population dynamics and growth of the states in the Mountain West Region. At that time, there was no interdisciplinary research center devoted to the broad study of migration, demography, and population change at the institutions of higher education in the Mountain West. In consideration of UNLV’s Top Tier objective, the Center for Migration, Demography, and Population Studies was proposed due to the belief that one of the university’s priorities should be the creation of a research center that studies the people and communities which the university currently serves, and will continue to do so as migration remains on the rise, thus, contributing to Southern Nevada’s population growth and demographic diversity.


The mission of the Center for Migration, Demography and Population Studies is to support the university’s commitment to distinguished, innovative research and pedagogical rigor that is interdisciplinary, promotes student and faculty diversity, and demonstrates policy relevance. In pursuing this mission, CMDP is committed to effectively responding to the evolving priorities of an increasingly diverse population by producing impactful research, providing educational tools and resources, and advocating for the socio-economic advancement of the broader community.

Current Projects

Transnational Actions, Domestic Outcomes: How Diasporas Affect Change in their Home Countries

Co-PIs: Dr. Michele Kuenzi, Nadia Eldemerdash (PhD Candidate)-Department of Political Science


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Affiliated Faculty

The Center for Migration, Demography, and Population Studies transcends multiple disciplines and brings together a diverse group of faculty who work collaboratively across the core collegiate disciplines of Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Education, Liberal Arts, and Law.


Dr. Tiffiany Howard, Director

Department of Political Science
Office: CSB-163A
Mail Code: 5029
Email: cmdp@unlv.edu


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