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Brookings Mountain West is a partnership between UNLV and the prestigious Washington, D.C.-based Brookings Institution. The purpose of the initiative is to bring Brookings high-quality, independent, and impactful research to the issues facing the dynamic and fast-growing Intermountain West region.

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Sep. 12, 2018

Ten years ago this week, the spectacular death of Lehman Brothers began the financial chaos that preceded the Great Recession.

Lehman — and much of the investment community — was highly leveraged and overexposed to a sagging real estate market. That led to a financial crisis, a bailout of Wall Street, and the worst economic downturn since the Depression.

Sep. 5, 2018

In Clark County, Nev., which encompasses Las Vegas, the minimum distance required between the back of a single-family home and its rear property line is 20 feet. That requirement can shrink to 15 feet in areas zoned for denser housing. County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani recently announced forming a committee to explore increasing the minimum size of backyards for newly constructed homes in the unincorporated county.

Las Vegas Sun
Aug. 21, 2018

Now that Nevada's initial section of Interstate 11 to Phoenix is complete, the Nevada Department of Transportation is soliciting input on where the road should go next.

Las Vegas Sun
Jul. 2, 2018

My Ukrainian grandpa was a deeply curious man, but his inquisitive nature sometimes got the best of us. I will always remember him dismantling his green Volga automobile down to the metal skeleton because he thought it would be the best way to understand just how a car worked.

What's Happening

  • In co-sponsorship with the UNLV Honors College, Brookings Mountain West is pleased to offer a morning conversation with Brookings fellow in Global Economy and Development, Dr. Geoffrey Gertz, as part of the "Breakfast with a Brookings Scholar" series. Gertz's research focuses on international political economy, particularly the politics of trade and foreign investment, commercial diplomacy, and...
     Date: September 19, 2018
     Location: Beverly Rogers Literature and Law Building (RLL), Honors College Conference Room (RLL 131)
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  • As part of the Brookings Scholar Lecture Series, Brookings Mountain West invites you to a lecture titled "Commercial Interests in American Foreign Policy, from Dollar Diplomacy to the Trump Administration" by Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economy and Development, Geoffrey Gertz. Throughout history, foreign investors have often relied on their home governments for support in managing complex...
     Date: September 19, 2018
     Location: Greenspun Hall (GUA), First Floor Auditorium
  • As part of the Brookings Scholar Lecture Series, Brookings Mountain West invites you to a lecture titled "The New Energy Geopolitics" by Fellow in Foreign Policy, Samantha Gross. The global energy landscape is changing fast. With concerns about climate change, rapidly growing energy demand in developing countries, and increasing US oil and gas production, the balance of power in the energy world...
     Date: September 26, 2018
     Location: Greenspun Hall (GUA), First Floor Auditorium