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Family & Guests

Orientation is a great way to start your UNLV family experience!

Register UNLV Family Orientation

UNLV Family Orientation

This event welcomes you to the UNLV community! You'll hear from inspiring speakers, learn about the resources available for your student, and how to help them prepare for a successful first semester. We'll also talk about how you and your student may be feeling about this new chapter in their lives.

Family members and guests can attend the orientation programming in person or virtually.

We encourage you to attend the family session offered on the same day as your student's session.

Orientation Handbook

This handbook accompanies your orientation program and will serve as a quick reference tool for you while your student attends UNLV.

UNLV Family Guide

This free online resource gives you access to helpful videos and information you can’t find anywhere else. You can go through this online guide at your own pace and access it anytime throughout the academic year to revisit topics.

The UNLV Family Guide contains seven sections that cover the following information:

  • Student Involvement Opportunities
  • Academic Advising & Class Registration
  • Health, Wellness & Safety
  • Academic Enrichment & Support Services
  • Diversity
  • Paying for College
  • Everyday Essentials

While you are reviewing the guide, be sure to encourage your student to complete their Online Pre-Orientation course. All incoming students are expected to complete this course prior to attending their scheduled orientation. Online Pre-Orientation contains similar information to the UNLV Family Guide, so you can connect with your student to discuss important topics.

Stay Connected

You're now a part of the UNLV family! The UNLV Family Network is a great way to connect with families that are also having this experience. You'll also receive an exclusive newsletter and information about events designed for family members.

Join Our Family Network

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It’s important that you keep in touch with your student as they begin their college career. We encourage you to visit your student and attend campus events with them. UNLV has numerous activities for the whole family including:

Student Rights to Privacy: FERPA

Parents and guardians requesting access to student academic and financial records may only do so after the student has permitted them through a third-party release in their MyUNLV account. For questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar.