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The Department of Political Science is dedicated to excellence in research, teaching, and service. Our students learn and receive mentorship from faculty members who specialize in various subjects including American politics, comparative politics, international politics, political theory, public law, and public policy.

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He was named the 2024 Junior Administrative Faculty of the Year.

Madison Montellano
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Madison Montellano knows what it means to take the road less traveled, embracing each twist and turn through her academic adventure.

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President Keith E. Whitfield honors six graduates who have shown exemplary commitment to both the community and their studies.

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News highlights starring UNLV students and faculty who made local and national headlines.

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A roundup of the top news stories featuring UNLV students and faculty.

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El Pais

The United States will be a country of minorities in the near future. It’s expected that, by 2060, non-Hispanic whites will make up slightly less than half of the population. It’s a reality drawn up by statistics, and it’s also the worst nightmare of Donald Trump, who dreams of “making America great again” by expelling millions of immigrants from the country. However, to achieve this, the Republican would have to win the presidential elections in November, and to do that, he needs the support of millions of Latinos.


Angling to tap into strong support for the sweeping health law he helped pass 14 years ago, one of President Joe Biden's latest reelection strategies is to remind voters that former President Donald Trump tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


Early voting starts this Saturday for the primary elections. Election day is June 11. And some of the races, typical of primary elections, are long lists of names and people most of us know nothing about.

Las Vegas Review Journal

All eyes will be on Nevada’s U.S. Senate race in the fall, when Democratic Sen. Jacky Rosen is widely expected to face a tough bid for reelection in this battleground state. But before that can happen, Republicans must first select a candidate to go up against her in November.

The Canary

US President Joe Biden and disgraced ex-President Donald Trump have agreed to hold election debates in June and September.


US President Joe Biden and Donald Trump agreed Wednesday to hold election debates in June and September, with the rivals trading barbs about their first on-stage meetings in nearly four years.

Political Science Experts

An expert on judges, judicial selection, and race and gender bias.
An expert in polling, campaign finance, political communication, and elections.
An expert in the politics of Europe and other democracies.
An expert in competitive debate, policy debate, argumentation and persuasion, and presidential and political debates.
An expert in international security, immigration and refugee policies, and political violence.
An expert on voting behavior, East Asia, and political psychology.

Recent Political Science Accomplishments

John Tuman, Michelle Kuenzi (both Political Science), and Hafthor Erlingsson, '19 Ph.D. Political Science, have published an article titled, "Structural adjustment, economic performance, and electoral volatility in presidential elections in Latin America," in the journal Latin American Policy.
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) was invited by the Department of Communication at the University of Washington to have a talk on May 15, titled "Fighting Against Cognitive Warfare: The case of Taiwan." In this talk, Wang shared his recent findings of China's cognitive warfare on Taiwanese people and its influence on the public…
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) co-authored the article, "US-skepticism and transnational conspiracy in the 2024 Taiwanese presidential election" in HKS Misinformation Review. In this article, Wang and others analyzed the misinformation on social media platforms during the 2024 Taiwanese Presidential Election, and revealed that…
The Department of Political Science hosted the conference "A Season of Elections, New (or Renewed) Leadership, and Policy Impacts" on campus on April 26, 2024. The conference is sponsored by Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. Scholars and students from Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, UNLV, and other parts of the U.S. attended and presented their…
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) published a co-authored chapter, "COVID-19 Pandemic and Cross-Strait Relations," in the new book, Public Opinion, Policy Responses, and Party Politics under the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the chapter, Wang and others reviewed how China and Taiwan governments responded to the cross-strait relationships…
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) published the article, "Strategic Ambiguity, Strategic Clarity, and Dual Clarity," in Foreign Policy Analysis. In this article, Wang and others conducted a survey experiment to examine the underlying psychological assumptions behind the strategy ambiguity policy that the US designed for handling…