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Nevada Independent

Republican front-runner Sam Brown threw a curveball in Nevada’s Senate race last Wednesday when he revealed in an NBC interview that he would not support a federal abortion ban and respects Nevada’s current law protecting abortion up to 24 weeks.

Domino Theory

In the past, when Taiwan was included in Western academia, it was often treated as a footnote within broader fields of study, such as East Asia or China studies. But now, that’s beginning to change.


At the age of 12, Wally Amos moved to Harlem, N.Y. to live with his Aunt Della, who never failed to fill their home with the sweet aroma of her special chocolate chip cookie recipe –– a recipe that would eventually drive Amos to make his own cookies, along with the country’s first ever cookie-only retail store in Hollywood, Calif. in 1975.

Epoch Times

According to a survey by a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), the use of TikTok by supporters of the Kuomintang or Democratic Progressive Party does not have a significant impact on political attitudes, but supporters of the centrist People's Party change from supporting Taiwanese independence to opposing Taiwanese independence. It was found that there was a tendency to change from a pro-American orientation to a pro-China orientation.

Las Vegas Review Journal

Facing long lines and nippy weather, more Nevada Republicans than the Nevada GOP had expected came out to their caucus locations to show support for former President Donald Trump. Some voters expressed frustration and called the processes disorganized, begging the question: Will the Nevada Republican Party try to do it again?


This year's races in the state "were created to give all the convention votes to Donald Trump... They have not hidden it and it is not a secret," explains an academic.


For Nikki Haley, the Republican primary in Nevada was a real failure. It was already clear beforehand that she definitely wouldn't get a single delegate vote there. This was due to a dispute between the state and the Republicans. They boycotted the state-organized primary on February 6th and are holding their own caucus on February 8th. Haley ran in the primary, Trump is running in the caucus. The delegates' votes are only awarded at the election meeting.

Gray DC

Trump is the only major Republican candidate running in the caucuses after former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley took part in the state’s primary on Tuesday.

Washington Post

Nevada held a Republican presidential primary Tuesday. On Thursday, the state GOP will host Republican presidential caucuses — with a different set of candidates competing. Confusing? Yes. Here’s how we got there and what actually matters.

New York Times

Democrats say the state’s economy is getting better, while Republicans argue it’s getting worse. Which message resonates more could decide the pivotal battleground state this fall.

USA Today

Nevada's Republican voters have overwhelmingly chosen "none of these candidates" as their choice in the state's GOP primary, an embarrassing blow for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who was essentially running unopposed.


State will have a GOP primary and a caucus this week, but only the latter counts