Accomplishments: Department of Political Science

February 26, 2021
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) published a co-authored article, "Sacrifice for the Mandate of Heaven? Regression Discontinuity of Death Penalty Execution in Taiwan," in the Social Science Journal. It exploits an unexpected death penalty execution during a national survey in Taiwan in 2012 and shows that the death penalty execution, albeit widely supported in Taiwan and drawing considerable media attention, did not boost the presidential approval at all. The empirical result questions ...
February 8, 2021
David Damore (Political Science), Robert Lang (Lincy and Brookings Mountain West), and Karen Danielsen (Public Policy and Leadership) are the authors of "In 2020, the Largest Metro Areas Made the Difference for Democrats," which was published by The Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. The analysis applies the "blue metros, red states" framework to examine the 2020 presidential elections in the swing states and the 2021 Georgia U.S. Senate elections. By flipping Arizona and...
February 1, 2021
Kenneth M. Miller (Political Science) gave a presentation titled "Assessing 2020 Pre-election Polls in Nevada and Nationwide" at the Perspectives on Polling Methodology Virtual Symposium hosted by the Nevada chapter of the American Statistical Association.
January 25, 2021
Kristian Thymianos (Political Science, The Lincy Institute, Brookings Mountain West) and Joe Bradly, '20 BA Interdisciplinary Studies, recently co-authored an OpEd in the Las Vegas Sun titled, "Right-wing Terrorism has Become a Defining Issue." Thymianos and Bradly discuss recent events involving right-wing terrorism and provide suggestions on how the Biden administration should take action to combat its expansion. Thymianos is pursuing a Brookings Public Policy minor.
January 22, 2021
David Damore (Political Science), Robert Lang (Brookings Mountain West and The Lincy Institute), and William Brown (Brookings Mountain West) collaborated with SRI International and RGC Economics on "Nevada's Plan for Recovery & Resliance," which was released by the Nevada governor's office of economic development as part of Gov. Steve Sisolak's recent State of the State address. The report updates the state economic development priorities.
January 19, 2021
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) collaborated on a cross-national psychological project, "COVIDiSTRESS Global Survey Dataset on Psychological and Behavioural Consequences of the COVID-19 Outbreak," which recently published in Scientific Data. This N = 173,426 project conducts a series of surveys in 39 countries and in 47 languages and includes standard psychological scales and behavioral economic games to investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the well-being of human beings...
January 11, 2021
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) was invited to give a speech, "Misinformation and the Political Convergence Effect on Social Media," last month at National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. He shared his recent findings about how people may "migrate" across social media sites to find their echo chamber, which influences the spread of misinformation and the effectiveness of fact-checking.   
January 6, 2021
Kenneth Miller (Political Science) was interviewed by the Las Vegas Sun to talk about the implications of this week's Georgia Senate runoffs for Nevada senators' legislative efforts in the next Congress.
December 11, 2020
Aly Hiko and Austin Horng-En Wang (both Political Science) published the article "Out-of-Control COVID-19 Pandemic Hampers the Nationalism" in Political Studies Review. A survey experiment was conducted in the U.S. three months after the COVID19 outbreak and revealed that the priming of the outbreak in the U.S. significantly decreases the level of nationalism among respondents, especially among self-identified Democrats. The result is opposite to previous findings showing the increase of...
December 4, 2020
David Damore (Political Science), Robert Lang (The Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West), and Fatma Nasoz (Computer Science) provide an analysis of voting on Question 1 and its consequences for higher education reform in their recent commentary piece "The Geography of Higher Education Reform" appearing in the Nevada Current.
November 20, 2020
Kenneth Miller (Political Science) presented at the Press Club of Cleveland event "Political Professors and Journalists Reflect on the 2020 Election" where he discussed what the election results tell us about public sentiment and the implications for governing and policy in the next Congress.
November 20, 2020
Ally Beckwith (Political Science, Honors College) recently had a fact sheet on child food insecurity in Nevada counties published through the Data Hub. Her fact sheet focuses on food insecurity experienced by children, and the food budget shortfall in Nevada.