News: School of Life Sciences

Nora Caberoy
Research | November 2, 2015
Three UNLV scientists will present their work during an Alzheimer's research symposium Nov. 13 on campus.
Penny Amy speaks to assistants
Research | November 1, 2015
Microbiology professor Penny Amy leads a formidable team in honeycomb warfare.
Allen Gibbs
Research | October 21, 2015
Why UNLV researchers bred their fruit flies to be obese — and what their work reveals about heart disease.
Marty Schiller
Research | September 17, 2015
UNLV personalized medicine researchers seeking patent on potential HIV cure. Their technique uses a plant protein widely used in agriculture industry.
dry grass at red rock canyon
Research | July 10, 2015
82 percent of America’s three largest national parks are infested with at least one type of foreign foliage that’s ripe for becoming brushfire kindling.
graduation cap and tassle
Campus News | May 14, 2015
Among the 2,700 students expected to graduate this week, five will receive special recognition at commencement. Here's why they were selected.
Pupfish swimming
Research | April 23, 2015
UNLV researchers discover the pupfish's unique ability to go without oxygen. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to the endangered species.
Research | October 9, 2014
New supercomputer adds a jolt to UNLV research programs. Find out more about some of the projects that will be tapping into the system's processing power.
People | September 4, 2014
The School of Life Sciences professor studied computer science when she first entered college, but fascination with evolution eventually drew her to genomics.
Campus News | August 20, 2014
UNLV offers a world of new choices to incoming freshman. Here's some advice from life sciences professor Brian Hedlund on how to sort through them.
Campus News | May 13, 2014
Five UNLV graduates will be recognized by President Donald Snyder during spring commencement for their combination of academic excellence and service to the community.
Research | April 16, 2014
Life Sciences and engineering professors team up to develop life-saving devices to detect stroke and heart problems.