Hashtag UNLV: The Science of Instagram

Hop on over to this Instagram account for a biologist’s take on science and art.

Biological sciences grad student Tiffany Pereira uses Instagram to inspire people to look at the world they live in from a different perspective.

The start

I am extremely interested in communicating science to a broader audience. By bringing them into the #research and #biologistlifestyle combined with personal adventures and art, I create a profile of a scientist that isn’t just one-dimensional. I hope the illustrations, landscapes, and photos inspire people to look at the world they live in with a fresh perspective.

The approach

 My Instagram handle @foxandphlox is a nod to my love for the fauna and flora of this world. On the one hand, I define myself as a scientist, so my feed showcases interesting wildflowers and animals from my fieldwork in the Mojave as well as adventures around the world. But, I also define myself as an artist. Scientific illustrations and detailed macro photography let me display the natural world in an artistic way.

The models

My partner and I share our exhaustive collection of plants, reptiles, and amphibians along with the hashtag #frogmom. They are cared for in 13 terrariums filled with beautiful live plants. All our pets make wonderful models for my macro lens.

Favorite ’gram

Last year, I hiked Wildrose Peak in Death Valley National Park at night during a full moon. My intent was to make it up to the 9,000-foot summit to see the moonset and sunrise simultaneously. It was my first major hike after a series of medical setbacks. It was emotional and one of the most special moments of my life.

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