News: School of Life Sciences

Research | August 21, 2012
Julienne demystifies microbiology and talks about the road from Durango High to M.D. by way of China.
Research | August 21, 2012
Carmen on starving bacteria and the transition from art student to biologist.
Business and Community | August 13, 2012
News stories from 2012 that feature UNLV students taking learning to a higher level.
Campus News | August 6, 2012
Media coverage highlights ways UNLV is helping Nevada students succeed in 2012.
Research | July 31, 2012
A collection of news stories profiling UNLV faculty and administrators who make our community better.
Research | July 16, 2012
A collection of stories featuring interesting discoveries driven by UNLV that have made news in 2012.
A male researcher examines the contents of a test tube.
Business and Community | June 15, 2012
Elementary teachers head to summer school to bone up on science.
People | June 13, 2012
Alumna Daliah (Zodieru) Wachs expands her practice to thousands through satellite radio call-in show.
Campus News | May 9, 2012
Nine students, including a mother of two who after years of working as a dental hygienist received her dental degree and became class valedictorian, are being honored as spring 2012 Outstanding Graduates.
Research | May 8, 2012
A new species of scorpions nearly squirmed past a couple of UNLV graduate students. The story behind the Death Valley arthropod's discovery.
People | April 13, 2012
UNLV employees recently were honored at the 2012 Academic Recognition Ceremony with systemwide and universitywide awards for notable research, teaching, and service.
Research | April 1, 2012
Lecture leads to dramatic diagnosis for an ailing grandfather 1,300 miles away.