Petroglyph engravings in the side of a rock formation in the desert.

Department of History News

The history department's curriculum embraces the panorama of the past while also helping students to fulfill their constitutions, humanities, multicultural, and international requirements.

Current History News

Campus News | February 3, 2021

A collection of news stories from the new year highlighting the experts and events at UNLV.

Kamala Harris wearing a white suit while giving her victory speech
Arts and Culture | January 28, 2021

UNLV fashion expert Deirdre Clemente on the historical scrutiny of male versus female politicians’ clothing and the power of textiles, color, and style in shaping image.

man gestures while teaching
Campus News | January 21, 2021

Sustained recruitment efforts lead to increased diversity of students and faculty.

"I Voted" stickers
Campus News | January 5, 2021

A collection of stories highlighting UNLV experts and their analysis of all things politics in 2020.

medical worker in full protective suit making "LV" sign with hands
Business and Community | December 31, 2020

As the pandemic tightened its grip on Nevada, the nation, and the world, UNLV responded in ways big and small. Members of the media also turned to UNLV's faculty experts for answers.

Claytee White sits in a chair and gestures toward a woman sitting to her right
Arts and Culture | December 30, 2020

A sampling of university experts who sounded off on the year’s monumental movements surrounding race, ethnicity, and gender.

History In The News

El Tiempo
February 19, 2021

Welcome to Harry Mason Reid International Airport: Gateway to Fabulous Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Review Journal
February 19, 2021

The Mob Museum is adding two vintage slot machines to its collection and has scheduled a two-part presentation about legal gambling in Nevada as part of its March programming.

Aviation Pros
February 18, 2021

Visitors who fly to Las Vegas will soon be landing at Harry Reid International Airport.

Las Vegas Sun
February 16, 2021

Visitors who fly to Las Vegas will soon be landing at Harry Reid International Airport.

February 15, 2021

Pets, spouses, co-workers, friends, classmates: They’re all in line to be on the receiving end of another record year for Valentine’s Day spending, says a new survey by the National Retail Federation.

Deseret News
February 9, 2021

In late January, snow dusts the open land as the backs of cattle grazing peek out of the scrubland that surrounds the section of Interstate 80 crossing Nevada.

History Experts

An expert on the history and practice of juvenile justice. 
An expert in U.S. women's history, political activism, oral history, and feminism.
An expert in Nevada, Civil War, and gaming history.
A historian and curator of 20th century American culture, specializing in clothing, political fashion, and the use of fashion in the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
A historian of European culture from the age of Enlightenment through the present day.
An expert in commercial aviation and airport history.

Recent History Accomplishments

February 25, 2021
William Bauer (History and the American Indian Alliance) was invited by the department of history and Native American studies at the University of Oregon to discuss his forthcoming book, We Are the Land: A Native History of California. Bauer discussed the process of writing the book, the principal arguments, and challenges of writing a survey of...
February 10, 2021
William Bauer (History and the American Indian Alliance) delivered the keynote address at the annual conference of the Newberry Consortium in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. He discussed his forthcoming book, We Are the Land: A Native History of California, which is a survey of California Indian history.
February 10, 2021
Mary Ludwig (History), delivered a paper, "Parallels, Intersections, and Divergences: The Gila River Indian Community and Japanese Americans during World War II," at the annual conference of the Newberry Consortium in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. Her research examined the entwined histories of Indigenous People and Japanese internment...
January 28, 2021
Paul W. Werth (History) is about to release a new book, 1837: Russia's Quiet Revolution with Oxford University Press. In chapters ranging from poetry and opera to empire and industry, the book paints a rich and vivid portrait of Russia at a critical moment, when the world's largest country acquired many of its most distinctive and outstanding...
January 26, 2021
Susan Lee Johnson (History) is the author of Writing Kit Carson: Fallen Heroes in a Changing West (University of North Carolina Press 2020), which is featured on "The Page 99 Test," a blog of the Campaign for the American Reader that follows the maxim of Ford Madox Ford: "Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole...
January 13, 2021
Carlos S. Dimas (History) was elected by his peers as secretary for the Teaching and Teaching Materials Committee of The Conference on Latin American History, the major organization of Latin American historians in the United States. He will serve as secretary for 2021-22, then serve as chair for 2022-23.