Experts: Department of History

An expert on Native American history.
A historian of European culture from the age of Enlightenment through the present day.
An expert on commercial aviation, airport history, and travel.
A historian and curator of 20th century American culture, specializing in clothing, political fashion, and the use of fashion in the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
An expert in U.S. women's history, political activism, oral history, and feminism.
An expert in Nevada, Civil War, and gaming history.
Kirk is an expert who studies the intersections of cultural and environmental history in the modern U.S. with a special interest in the American West.
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An expert in American history.
Finding the intersection of the end of British colonial rule in African and how it affected wildlife conservation.
An expert on the history and practice of juvenile justice. 
An expert on Russia, religion, and U.S. and international history.
An expert in U.S. history, race and politics, and people of mixed heritage.