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World News Era
September 26, 2022

A beautiful blue flaw in a gem-quality diamond from Botswana is actually a tiny fragment of Earth’s deep interior—and it suggests our planet’s mantle contains oceans’ worth of water.

True Viral News
September 26, 2022

A blue flaw in a gem-quality diamond from Africa is a tiny fragment of Earth's deep interior, and it suggests our planet's mantle contains oceans' worth of water.

Las Vegas Sun
September 25, 2022

As two debates between Nevada’s top-of-the-ticket candidates were shelved this week, the trend of contenders ducking such forums across the country may be eroding one of America’s longest-lasting political traditions, experts say.

Science Alert
September 24, 2022

We have detected a strange new signal from across the chasm of time and space. A repeating fast radio burst source detected last year was recorded spitting out a whopping 1,863 bursts over 82 hours, amid a total of 91 hours of observation.

Elko Daily
September 24, 2022

“Ialways tell people, it took 40 to 50 years to get where we are,” pediatrician Steven Shane said while discussing childhood and adult obesity in Nevada and throughout the U.S. “We can’t expect to turn the tide and get back to where weight status was in the 1970s overnight.”

The Hill
September 24, 2022

After the Supreme Court’s draft opinion rejecting a right to abortion was leaked, public confidence in the Court dropped to its lowest level in the past 50 years. And with additional controversial decisions on guns and climate change, concerns about the court’s legitimacy have increased. To more and more people, the justices operate as political partisans rather than neutral arbiters.

K.N.P.R. News
September 23, 2022

Early voting is less than a month away, and the balance of power in Congress could rest solely on Nevada.

Wall Street Journal
September 23, 2022

Though Charleston has a long tradition of outdoor garden rooms, Mr. Gardner says he’s fielding more client requests for them than ever. “People want privacy and they yearn for definition,” he said.

September 23, 2022

Las Vegas history was made when the Las Vegas Aces defeated the Connecticut Sun 78 to 71 in game four of the WNBA finals, winning Las Vegas its first-ever major league professional sports championship.

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