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San Bernardino Sun

In 1988, author and women’s studies professor Evelyn Torton Beck published an article entitled “The Politics of Jewish Invisibility” in which she lamented “the silence surrounding the recognition that anti-Semitism, whose shadow continues to fall on women’s lives, is, or ought to be, a feminist issue.”

SBC Americas

UNLV is preparing to host its inaugural class of ESPN Research Fellowships. The institution’s International Gaming Institute (IGI) has announced the recipients of the 2024 ESPN Research Fellowships. The group of scholars is tasked with researching the impact of RG messages used by media in the sports betting and gaming industry. Their work will be key in addressing and promoting healthy gambling practices.


When boarding and exiting a plane you can feel excited or exhausted - and perhaps a bit of both.  So maybe it’s little wonder that plane flyers haven’t really considered why they would be getting on or off on the left side of the craft. That is until now…

National Geographic

While experts disagree on how common self-talk really is, they wholeheartedly agree that it’s a valuable tool for self-discovery.


The US Department of the Interior has a nice little present for America: a new “Public Lands Rule” that will fundamentally change how the government manages public lands. For the first time ever the US will require that recreation, conservation, habitat preservation, and clean energy development balance out land use policy, which for most of US history has been aimed primarily at handing over parcels of public lands for commercial exploitation.

Indian Gaming

University of Nevada, Las Vegas International Gaming Institute (IGI) announced the recipients of the 2024 ESPN Research Fellowships. This year’s selection showcases a diverse group of scholars whose project proposals will be pivotal in advancing knowledge on responsible gambling messaging in sports media.

K.T.N.V. T.V. ABC 13

April is Arab-American Heritage Month and it comes with welcome news for the valley's rapidly growing Middle Eastern and North African population. The federal government recently announced that a new, dedicated “Middle Eastern or North African” (MENA) category is coming to the next census and other federal forms that collect data on race and identity.

Marijuana Moment

A Democratic senator has introduced a bill to create federal incentives for states, localities and Indian tribes that expunge low-level marijuana records—an equity-focused reform proposal that leadership has repeatedly discussed attaching to bipartisan cannabis banking legislation that’s pending floor action.

The Hill

In a town typically light on fashion and heavy on partisan friction, what one high-profile figure wore to a swanky White House affair has ignited a ferocious debate seemingly just as polarizing as politics in Washington.

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