David Fott

Professor of Political Science
Director, Great Works Academic Certificate Program
Expertise: Political philosophy, American political thought



David Fott has translated Cicero’s On the Republic and On the Laws in an edition that contains an introduction, extensive notes, and a unique index of key terms (Cornell University Press, 2014). He is also writing a book on Cicero’s political philosophy. He is the author of John Dewey: America’s Philosopher of Democracy (Rowman and Littlefield, 1998) and articles and book chapters on Dewey, Cicero, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, U.S. presidential power, and Jane Austen. 

At UNLV he has taught a wide range of classes in political theory and American political thought, as well as introductory courses in American politics and political science.

Fott is founder and director of the Great Works Academic Certificate Program at UNLV, which provides undergraduates the opportunity to take part in a conversation with some of the best thinkers of all time.



  • BA, Vanderbilt University;
  • MA, Harvard University
  • PhD, Harvard University

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David Fott In The News

High Country News
April 12, 2016
In this year's presidential race, the stakes seem higher than ever and the electorate in the West is more diverse and engaged in the past. Reading the news, it's easy to know who is up, who is down and which candidate is embroiled in the latest drama, but our latest Soundtable discussion takes a deep dive into where presidential hopefuls stand on issues important to the American West. So, what Western issues are gaining importance as the candidates move through their campaigns — and which ones are getting left behind?
High Country News
March 21, 2016
At a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas last October, a Colombian emigrant named Myriam Witcher walked out onto the stage, her black ponytail swinging. She clutched a tiny American flag and a copy of People magazine with the billionaire Republican front-runner featured on the cover. “I’m Hispanic, and I vote for Mr. Trump!” she cried. “We love you, all the way to the White House!”
February 25, 2016
Donald Trump ran the table in Nevada on Tuesday night, winning nearly 46 percent of the vote to pick up his third win in a row. He won across a variety of subgroups — including Hispanics — which now begs the question: Can anyone halt his march to the nomination?
The Guardian
February 18, 2016
Sam’s Town casino is a pioneer-themed resort on the working-class east side of Las Vegas famous for its laserlight waterfall show, budget-friendly gambling, a bowling alley popular with locals, and the fact that Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s father, Mario Rubio, served drinks here in the early 1980s.

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Campus NewsSeptember 22, 2016
Students and the Las Vegas community will gather to watch live streams of the debates leading up to the final contest Oct. 19 at UNLV.