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Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies
An expert on Latinos and LGBT social movements and representation in the media.
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Professor of Political Science
An expert in Political philosophy, philosophical pragmatism, American political thought.
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Assistant Professor-in-Residence, English
An expert on the storytelling in video games.
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Emerita Professor, English
An English professor with expertise in American Indian Studies.
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Director of Planning and Assessment for UNLV Libraries
An expert in research services, and strategic planning for academic libraries
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Health Literacy & Community Engagement Librarian
An expert on health literacy.
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Director, African American & African Diaspora Studies
Javon Johnson is an expert in African American literature, black pop culture, black feminist theory, and black queer theory.  
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Library Technician II
An expert in comic books and censorship.
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Head of Digital Collections
An expert on digitization in libraries and metadata creation.
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Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
An expert in political philosophy, and the intersection of politics and religion.
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Special Collections and Archives Metadata Librarian
An expert in digital libraries, data integration, and resource discovery.
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Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
An expert in political philosophy, philosophy for children, and Latinx philosophies.