Carlos Campo

Find the Beauty in the Twisted Path

Advice from Carlos Campo, College of Liberal Arts Alumnus of the Year

Carlos Campo, ’81 BA Theatre Arts, ’86 MA English, ’93 PhD English, was named president of Ashland University in Ohio in 2015. He previously worked as vice president of academics at Regent University before becoming president at that educational institution for more than three years.

The advice I’d give myself as a new graduate … The clear light of 23 years' worth of experience leads me to say don't follow my twisted path to success. 

Don't take a part-time job as a valet parker while you try to earn a PhD. Don't work as an academic adviser to athletics at the same time. Don't try to complete a dissertation while trying to raise three children under 10 years of age and stay married. Don't try to grade student essays while attending your sons' little league games. Don't work as an adjunct for years before you finally secure a tenure-track position.

Then I remember how much I learned as an athletic advisor, about what students were really experiencing as they navigated their way through college. I remember learning to stay focused on a task even with the wonderful distraction of a room full of screaming 7-year olds. I remember learning how rewarding and difficult it was to be an adjunct. I realized the grind and glory of completing a dissertation. I learned the discipline of prioritizing a too-busy life. And today, as a university president, all of these valuable lessons inform my work every day.

So, I reconsider and say find your own twisted path and follow where it leads, learning along the way. After you find your way, it may not seem so crooked after all. 

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