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The English department offers a variety of courses in literature, language and writing. Our majors explore literature as an artistic medium from both theoretical and historical perspectives, in the process honing students' analytical and writing skills.

Current English News

woman poses between rows of books in library
People | September 22, 2022

For Emily Powers, some of her most important experiences at UNLV happened outside of the classroom — through the Honors College.

a female student sits in the grass by a tree reading a book
Campus News | September 1, 2022

A roundup of prominent news stories highlighting university pride, research, and community collaboration.

2022 UNLV Spring Commencement Ceremony for the Graduate College.  May 13, 2022 (Josh Hawkins/UNLV)
Campus News | June 2, 2022

A collection of news stories highlighting the experts and student changemakers at UNLV.

woman posing in library
People | January 24, 2022

The religious studies coordinator talks about the 'petri dish of hope' that is UNLV.

man posing with books in background
People | January 21, 2022

Longtime administrator and pioneering professor was instrumental in moving UNLV past its "Tumbleweed Tech" days. 

stacks of textbooks in campus bookstore
Campus News | January 12, 2022

Liberal Arts faculty tackle affordability of course materials in first-year seminars as campus begins incorporating more open access resources.

English In The News

Voice of America
September 2, 2022

Persuasion," a new film based on Jane Austen's early 19th century novel, has ranked among the top 10 on the Netflix streaming platform. While Austen diehards and many critics have slammed it as inauthentic, others say such modernized versions could attract new audiences to the books of the celebrated English author.

LA Progressive
July 14, 2022

Anyone paying the least bit of attention to the January 6th Committee hearings will know that if Trump had had his way after losing the 2020 election we would have gone over the edge.

New York Times
May 29, 2022

In spheres as disparate as medicine and cryptocurrencies, “do your own research,” or DYOR, can quickly shift from rallying cry to scold.

Las Vegas Sun
March 30, 2022

U.S. News & World Report recognized 23 UNLV programs, including 13 from the William S. Boyd School of Law, in its annual list of top graduate and professional schools.

December 30, 2021

Elena Brokaw’s work serves as a reminder of the tangible remains of American foreign interference and state-sanctioned violence in Guatemala — the pieces left over, decades after the collective American conscience has moved on.

The New Yorker
December 28, 2021

Fiction writers love it. Filmmakers can’t resist it. But does this trope deepen characters, or flatten them into a set of symptoms?

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An expert in the literature of the United States.
An expert on the storytelling in video games.
An English professor with expertise in American Indian Studies.

Recent English Accomplishments

September 13, 2022
Jessica E. Teague (English) has been awarded a 2022 American Book Award (the Walter & Lillian Lowenfels Award for Criticism) for her book, Sound Recording Technology and American Literature, (Cambridge UP, 2021).  The American Book Awards have been around for 43 years and have been awarded to writers across a…
September 12, 2022
Denise Tillery (English) and Emma Bloomfield (Communication Studies) were recognized for their article, "Hyperrationality and Rhetorical Constellations in Digital Climate Change Denial: A Multi-Methodological Analysis of the Discourse of Watts Up With That," published in the journal Technical Communication Quarterly. Their article was awarded the…
September 8, 2022
Christopher Perkins (English) translated Mexican poet Andrés Cisneros' Llegada del Malnacido / Undesirable Arrival, published by artepoética press. Francesca Gargallo Celentani provides this description of the book: “The poet who takes center stage in the verses of Undesirable Arrival does not sing a rarefied aesthetic, but instead he conjures…
September 7, 2022
Visiting assistant professor Roberto Lovato (English) is among the writers featured in a Los Angeles Times' article about the publication of South Central Noir, a detective fiction anthology set in South-Central Los Angeles. Article excerpt: "There is no stronger proof in the collection of that lasting truth (of the inevitability of change) than…
September 1, 2022
Timothy Erwin (English) was recently interviewed by the Voice of America about film adaptations of Jane Austen novels, particularly following the release of Netflix's new version of Persuasion, which was directed by Carrie Cracknell. 
August 23, 2022
Roberto Lovato (English) was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times in a column titled, "Latinophobia in mainstream news fuels the radical right," which discusses the dangerous effects of Latinx erasure in and by the major media. "Roberto Lovato, a journalist and visiting professor of English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, told me the…