Collage of the four images: top left two students observing another make a nutritional smoothie, top right a trainer observing a patient run on a treadmill, bottom left trainer stabilizing a patient's knee, bottom right trainer performing a neurological test on a patient

Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences News

The Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences within the School of Integrated Health Sciences provides a high-quality educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of kinesiology, nutrition sciences, and athletic training. Students receive rigorous classroom instruction aided by computer and multimedia instruction, and practical laboratory and clinical experiences.

Current Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences News

blonde woman in brown pantsuit sitting by the pool
People | October 5, 2022

Crystal Rose Schulz, a 2022 Alumna of the Year, launches an initiative to prioritize the wellbeing of Southern Nevadans and their living spaces.

Dancers with the UNLV Ewalu Club
Campus News | October 4, 2022

A collection of news stories highlighting research wins, expert insights, and academic achievement.

female athletic trainer working with students
People | September 26, 2022

Midwestern transplant Michelle Samuel discovered UNLV, racking up two degrees (and counting), countless mentorship hours, and a position of leadership in athletic training.

man pointing to a muscle group outlined with marker on a bodybuilder
Campus News | July 25, 2022

The hands-on activities in this intro class makes the challenging material fun to learn for future health professionals.

woman posing in lockerroom
People | July 18, 2022

Former Lady Rebel now racking up the assists with her UNLV Facilities Management team.  

Lake Mead
Campus News | July 11, 2022

A collection of news stories highlighting UNLV experts who made headlines locally, nationally, and around the world.

Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences In The News

Women's Health
November 21, 2022

Diet trends go in and out of style, but intermittent fasting has been a buzzy diet among celebs for a while. Plenty of people swear by the health and weight loss benefits. Still, even the same weight-loss method can work differently from person to person, you may be wondering whether there is a best way to do intermittent fasting for women and get the most out of your efforts.

October 6, 2022

A new study that is being presented this week at the American College of Cardiology Middle East 2022 Together With the 13th Emirates Cardiac Society Congress, reports that eating more refined grains was linked with a greater risk for premature coronary artery disease (PCAD).

October 3, 2022

According to a new study published this month in the Journal of Affective Disorders, vegetarians experienced depressive episodes twice as often as those who ate meat.

Science Daily
September 15, 2022

There are more than two million people living with an amputation in the United States, with about 400 being added daily. For many of them, prostheses or artificial limbs are a part of their lives, and they need to relearn how their bodies move with their new limbs all over again.

September 14, 2022

There are more than two million people living with an amputation in the United States, with about 400 being added daily. For many of them, prostheses or artificial limbs are a part of their lives, and they need to relearn how their bodies move with their new limbs all over again.

June 14, 2022

Running can lead to a lot of injuries. So how can a runner remain fit while they heal?

Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences Experts

An expert on sports and medical nutrition, exercise science, and weight management. 
An expert in human body movement, the physics of sports, and running.
An expert in biomechanics
An expert in sports medicine.
An expert in nutrition, food and ethnic issues, and dietetics.
An expert in physical performance for police, military, fire, and rescue personnel.

Recent Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences Accomplishments

November 8, 2022
Graduate student Elizabeth León Zaragoza, Nancy Lough (Higher Education), Michelle Samuel, and Tedd Girouard (Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences) have co-authored a recent article published in the Athletic Training Education Journal. The study assessed the levels of cultural competence of athletic training clinical preceptors. Results suggest that…
October 31, 2022
Undergraduate and master's students from kinesiology, and doctoral students from interdisciplinary health sciences presented at the annual Southwest American College of Sports Medicine conference in Costa Mesa on October 28-29, 2022. Undergraduate students: Katherine Carlos, Myranda Peck, Jorge Perdomo Rodriguez, Gia Vu, Bianca Weyers; master's…
October 24, 2022
Graham R. McGinnis, Shani Thompson, Charli Aguilar, Michael Dial, Richard Tandy, and Kara Radzak (all Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences) published an article titled, "Chronotype and social jetlag influence performance and injury during Reserve Officers' Training Corps Physical Training." Their article highlights the contribution of various…
August 24, 2022
Students from the School of Integrative Health Sciences were recently published in the journal PLOS ONE. Victor Beck (Integrated Health Sciences), Taylor Diaz (Kinesiology), and Vernice Ollano (Kinesiology) published a paper titled "Effects of nutritional and hydration strategies during ultramarathon events between finishers and non-finishers: A…
May 5, 2022
James Navalta (Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences) was interviewed for the recently released book by Emma Loewe, Return to Nature: The Science of How Natural Landscapes Restore Us. The book highlights research from Navalta's laboratory group as the only study to directly measure perceptual and health benefits of the desert environment compared to…
March 29, 2022
Elizabeth D. Kahane (Graduate College), Lung-Chang Chien, Brian Labus, and Sheniz Moonie (all Epidemiology & Biostatistics), Dharini M. Bhammar (Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences), and Jocy-Anna Chevalier (Public Health) published an article on "Depression and Factors Impacting Quality of Life among Adults with Asthma Presence in Nevada" in…