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September 21, 2021
Kathleen Thimsen (Nursing) recently presented alongside other experts at the World Summit Against Forced Organ Harvesting to address forced organ harvesting and how to identify it and prevent it. She also breaks down forensic nursing and how this focus relates to this global issue. This was the first time nurses were invited to...
September 21, 2021
Brenna Renn (Psychology) published a manuscript, "Collaborative Care for Depression Yields Similar Improvement among Older and Younger Rural Adults" in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. This study analyzed depression outcomes from 3,722 primary care patients enrolled in a demonstration of collaborative care managment and found ...
September 20, 2021
Susanna Newbury (Art) will present "Frank Gehry's Creative Aesthetics" at the Glass House Monday, Sept. 20. The talk, drawn from her 2021 book The Speculative City, examines architect Frank Gehry's early designs for museums and artist's studios in Los Angeles. The Glass House, built by Philip Johnson between 1949 and 1995, is a National Trust...
September 20, 2021
Paul W. Werth's (History) book 1837: Russia's Quiet Revolution has been featured on two recent podcasts: Historically Thinking and the New Books Network. 
September 20, 2021
Renato (Rainier) M. Liboro, Brandon Ranuschio, Sherry Bell, Lianne Barnes (all Psychology) and research assistants from the CHAMPION Mental Health research lab, along with academic colleagues and community partners from Toronto, recently published their article, "Mitigating risks and building resilience to HIV/AIDS: Perspectives of HIV-negative,...
September 20, 2021
Monica Rose Arebalos, Faun Lee Botor, Edward Simanton, and Jennifer Young (all Medicine) recently published "Required Longitudinal Service-Learning and Its Effects on Medical Students' Attitudes Toward the Underserved" in the Medical Science Educator Journal.  Although medical students enter medicine with altruistic motives and seek to serve...
September 20, 2021
Katherine Marcal (Social Work) published an article in Journal of Interpersonal Violence. The study applied strucutral equation modeling with latent variables to investigate whether housing insecurity mediated the link from intimate partner violence exposure in childhood to behavior problems in adolescence in a sample of at-risk children. Findings...
September 20, 2021
David G. Schwartz (Ombuds) recently gave a talk to the Sewickley Valley Historical Society entitled "Bound for the Boardwalk: Atlantic City: A Look Back." The talk presented the history of the seaside resort from its first settlement by Lennai Lenape Indians, through its 1854 incorporation and connection to Philadelphia by railroad, its glory days...
September 20, 2021
Chelsea Heinbach (Libraries) will serve as the lead investigator for the 2021 Institute of Museum and Library Sciences 21st Century Laura Bush Librarian grant to develop LibParlor Online Learning: An Open and Interactive Curriculum for LIS researchers. Heinbach received the grant with the LibParlor editorial team, Nimisha Bhat from Smith College,...

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