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October 4, 2021
Dr. Kevin Kuruvilla (Medicine) presented "Implementation of Brain Injury Guidelines for Isolated Traumatic Brain Injury in Adults Decreases Resource Use Without Adversely Impacting Outcomes" at the 80th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery in Atlanta.
October 4, 2021
Amy Reed-Sandoval (Philosophy) published Latin American Immigration Ethics, which she co-edited with Luis Rubén Díaz Cepeda, with University of Arizona Press. The volume uses conceptual frameworks from Latin American and Latinx philosphies to consider immigration ethics challenges in the context of the Americas. Reed-Sandoval contributed three...
October 4, 2021
Dr. Joshua J. Goldman led a team including students Demitri V. Franzoni, Mariam Al-Hamad Daubs, Dr. Mitchell E. Lyons, as well as Dr. Harry H. Ching, and Dr. Jo-Lawrence Bigcas (all Medicine) in publishing a report entitled, "Submental Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia Following Cryolipolysis: A Report and Management Recommendations" in the journal...
September 30, 2021
Peter Gray (Anthropology) lead-authored a chapter with UNLV Anthropology MA graduate Alex Straftis and University of Oklahoma colleague Kermyt Anderson entitled, "Men and reproduction: Perspectives from biological anthropology." The chapter appears in the new edited volume, Routledge Handbook of Anthropology and Reproduction, and offers a concise...
September 30, 2021
Hyelin Kim, Esra Topcuoglu and Sungeon (Jake) Kim (Hospitality) published "Green message strategies and green brand image in a hotel context" in The Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. Topcuoglu and Kim are doctoral students. This research investigates the effects of different green (environmental) message types on hotel customers’...
September 30, 2021
Qingmin Shi, John Crooker, Christina Drum, and Brent Drake (all Decision Support) authored a paper that has been named a Charles F. Elton Best Paper by the Association for Institutional Research. The paper, titled "Investigation of the Effect of First-Year Seminars on Student Success," was presented at the 2019 AIR Forum and will be published in...
September 29, 2021
Levent Atici (Undergraduate Research,  Anthropology) has co-authored an article entitled “Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene finds from the 2020 sounding excavation at Girmeler, Southwestern Turkey” in the  2021 issue of peer-reviewed European journal Anatolica. The paper sheds new light on the origins and spread of farming economies in the Near...
September 29, 2021
Jennifer R. Pharr (Public Health) and Kavita Batra (Medicine) recently published a study titled "Physical and Mental Disabilities among the Gender-Diverse Population Using the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System ... A Propensity-Matched Analysis" in a Healthcare journal.  The findings of this study advocate for developing policies and...
September 29, 2021
Cheryl Abbate (Philosophy) presented an invited talk, "Taking Feline Well-Being Seriously," at the University of Redlands, as part of the university's Human-Animal Studies Speakers Series. This talk explored the moral duty cat guardians have to promote the flourishing of the felines under their care and the derivative duty guardians have to...

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