Published: Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Project

UNLV's Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education project (TILT Higher Ed) (Provost's Office) is the focus of the current issue of the journal Peer Review, published by the Association of American Colleges & Universities. A research article by UNLV's Mary-Ann Winkelmes (Provost's Office), Matthew Bernacki (Educational Psychology and Higher Education), Jeffrey Butler (Economics), Michelle Zochowski (Educational Psychology and Higher Education), Jennifer Golanics (Education), and Kathryn Harriss Weavil (Urban Affairs) appears in the issue, along with articles by collaborators at seven other minority-serving institutions. The TILT Higher Ed project found that a small teaching adjustment (to make the purposes, tasks, and criteria for academic work more transparent, accessible, and relevant to students) yielded significant learning benefits for students, with even greater gains for underserved students, including higher grades and retention rates.

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