The CFACoLab is a performance group of actors, dancers, composers, visual artists, and designers from all seven units of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The award-winning five-star group begins with a single idea or image and devises the world of a show exploring aspects of art and design.

CFACoLab has presented works in Scotland, England, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

A woman on the right screaming while holding up a compass and a map. A man on the right wearing a seagull onesie while holding a seagull plush.

Is it Art?

Principles of CFACoLab

  1. We are a collaborative group of artists and designers from the UNLV College of Fine Arts.
  2. We come together and bring our individual talents to a single project that culminates in performance, exhibition, or presentation.
  3. Works created are often devised works where the group begins with a blank page and from there formulates a script, musical score, choreographed score, and design around a central single object or image.
  4. Artists in the Collaborative are encouraged to work outside of their typical areas.
  5. Collaborators are encouraged to bring all of their talents to the current project.
  6. Collaboration is believed to make a final product that is informed by all of the members and ideas in the group
  7. We like work that has everyone’s fingerprints on all aspects of the work.
  8. We believe in process and desire a product informed by collaboration.
  9. Artists in the group are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the work, all rehearsals are open.


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