AP Score Submission

AP scores will be released on July 9th, and in preparation for fall schedule changes due to AP scores, the Engineering Advising Center has created an online portal for students to use to submit unofficial scores for advisor review. Incoming students for the fall 2018 semester who have AP scores may submit a scan of their official AP scores, or an unofficial copy (screenshot is acceptable - as long as your full name is visible on the screen). These scores will only be used for schedule adjustments by the Engineering Advising Center staff. YOU WILL STILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT AP SCORES TO THE UNLV REGISTRAR TO RECEIVE CREDIT TO YOUR STUDENT ACADEMIC ACCOUNT.

This form will be used to determine if your fall 2018 schedule will need to be adjusted based on your score on applicable AP tests. Required scores vary from subject to subject, with a 3 sometimes granting credit, but a 4 or 5 usually giving credit for one or more courses. Acceptance of AP scores does not guarantee their applicability to specific degree programs - applicable courses are determined by each College of Engineering department and the curriculum required for their accreditation.

An email will be sent to your UNLV Rebelmail within 4-5 business days with information and unofficial confirmation of any credit granted for your AP scores, as well as information as to whether your fall 2018 schedule will need to be adjusted, or if your AP scores do not impact your fall schedule.

You MUST login to your UNLV Rebelmail account to complete this form. If you have not activated your UNLV email "Rebelmail," you must do so prior to completing this form. Please visit the Rebelmail page to activate your Rebelmail account.

Our Mission

It is the goal of the Engineering Academic Advising Center to assist each student in navigating requirements of their degree while at UNLV. The advising center staff is committed to providing academic guidance to students as they fulfill their educational goals and achieve academic success, thereby enabling graduates to enter into their chosen field within the engineering, construction management, and computer science professions.

Academic Advising offers a supportive environment for accomplishing the following:

  • Provide accurate information to assist in the planning and enrollment of future classes, both general education and major degree courses.
  • Providing semester and annual course registration advice and schedules based on balancing academic and personal responsibilities and obligations, as well as individual graduation plans.
  • Connecting students to academic support services on campus such as tutoring, peer success coaches, disability services, and counseling and psychological services.
  • Learning about referrals to college and campus student organizations that cater to your specific interests and provides opportunities for college, campus and community involvement, faculty interactions, and college and university student organization.
  • Navigate MyUNLV student tools such as: academic requirement reports, course history, and transfer credit report.
  • Assist students with connecting with faculty in their respective department.