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Advanced Standing/Faculty Mentoring Forms

Senior Capstone Enrollment Consent/Faculty Mentoring Forms

Course Consent Form

If you are having problems registering for a class, you may or may not fulfill the prerequisites. If you do meet the prerequisite and the system still won't let you register, fill this form out and bring it to the advising center with any additional info needed per instructions on the form. You do not need department chair's or instructors signatures if prerequisites are met.

Please read this form carefully and follow the instructions as indicated.

Graduation Application

If you are graduating you must apply for graduation through your MyUNLV account and by filling out the form below for the Advising Center. Please type out the graduation application and email it to once it is completed. Only typed forms will be accepted.

Once you have initiated through MyUNLV and the graduation application has be received we will start the graduation process during the semester you are graduating. If you are graduating in the fall this process will start around mid-October and mid-March for spring/summer graduation.

Full Class Waiver Form

This form is only to be used if the course you are trying to get into is needed to graduate the semester you are trying to take the course or the following semester. By not taking the course it will present a significant hindrance to your expected graduation date.

Degree Worksheets & Plans of Study

Visit the Degrees Directory and explore an individual degree or program to access resources such as learning objectives, degree worksheets, plans of study, career guides, and more.