Community Outreach

The faculty and students in the College of Engineering are committed to not only helping to inspire the next generation of engineers, but using their knowledge and skills to give back to the community. From hosting STEM-based camps to prepare high-school students entering college, to introducing elementary-school children to engineering through hands-on activities, and designing mechanical limbs, the College is living its mission to Educate, Engage, Inspire and Innovate.

Girls working on electronics
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Three children surrounding a wooden bridge.
A group of people with their arms in the air.
Students in lab equipment.
Three girls looking at a laptop.
A girl holding both of her arms in the air.
People standing in front of a museum display case.

Students and faculty also host a variety of other STEM activities on campus, such as FIRST® Robotics events and MATHCOUNTS competitions, and go out into the community, volunteering in classrooms and at STEM events.