A closeup image of a Rebels Make it Happen sign in front of the Advanced Engineering Building

UNLV's new Advanced Engineering Building. (Becca Schwartz/UNLV Photo Services)

Jun. 3, 2024

ScholarGPS, a digital research analytics platform, has ranked two UNLV College of Engineering faculty among the leading researchers in their respective fields of study. Kwang Kim, a mechanical engineering professor, and Sahjendra Singh, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, have been named Highly Ranked Scholars by ScholarGPS for the number of research publications they’ve produced, and the impact and quality of their work and their lifetime scholarly contributions. The ranking places them in the top 0.05% of researchers worldwide in their field.  

Kim, director of the Active Materials and Smart Living Laboratory at UNLV, was ranked as the No. 7 scholar for his lifetime contributions to the field of smart materials. In addition, the database ranked Kim, who is also an expert in soft robotics and energy systems, as a top researcher in the fields of actuator (No. 70) and polymer (No. 241). Kim has authored or co-authored more than 420 technical publications, including over 200 referred journal papers and three monographs, and has been awarded five U.S. patents.

Singh, who has published over 300 journal and conference articles, was ranked No. 154 for his lifetime contributions to the field of control theory. Singh’s other top specialities include adaptive control, robotics, and nonlinear systems. His current research is focused on unmanned aerial systems, including formation flying and vision-based coordination of multiple UAVs.

Both Kim and Singh have also been named in the top 2% of researchers in the world by Elsevier Data Repository.