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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Engage, motivate, and impact society through effective communication in interpersonal, group, and public settings.

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The Department of Communication Studies’ Bachelor of Arts degree focuses on how people exchange messages to achieve shared meaning. By majoring in communication studies, you will learn about communication across several mediums and contexts, including public communication and advocacy, interpersonal and relational communication, and professional and organizational communication.

Course work for a COM BA or Minor will help you develop the communication skills that are in demand by employers across the country. Essential communication skills that we emphasize include the ability to public speaking and presentational skills, advocacy skills, the ability to effectively explain complex ideas, the ability to communicate effectively in teams, and the ability to think critically and analytically.

Minor in Communication Studies

In addition to the major, the department offers a minor in communications to supplement other major degrees. Students explore the functions, processes, channels, and influences of communication. They work to acquire proficiency in critical analysis, social scientific and humanistic research methods, argumentation, and oral written presentation.


We are dedicated to helping our students succeed. Students who have obtained their undergraduate degree in Communication Studies have gone on to many great jobs. Recent graduates have also gone on to join our M.A. program, a great opportunity to extend your education.

Nicole Santero, Director of Communications, UNLV School of Public Health

In my first year at UNLV, I wasn't sure exactly what type of career I wanted to pursue. It wasn't until I took Oral Communication and Interpersonal Communication that I realized this was the degree path for me. I really enjoyed public speaking, writing, and thinking critically about how people exchange information and interact with each other. I remember exploring the major and was excited to be exposed to a whole set of careers that I never knew existed. One of the greatest opportunities that comes with getting a communication studies degree is how valuable your skills are to essentially any industry. You can work in entertainment, education, non-profit, healthcare, tech, politics, and so much more.

Nicole Santero, Director of Communications, UNLV School of Public Health
Michael Abante, PR Specialist

Since obtaining my degree in Communication Studies at UNLV, I have had the opportunity to not only grow in my career field but utilize my skillset as a competent communicator in other ventures of my life. Working in the field of public relations and marketing means that I am constantly talking with different clients, members of the media and team members to tell stories and bring awareness to various community organizations. The knowledge I’ve gained from my professors at UNLV has given me a strong foundation since graduating and continues to impact the work I do today.

Michael Abante, PR Specialist

A bachelor's degree in communications from UNLV provides you with an incredible foundation. It allows you to be creative yet pragmatic. A degree in communication studies opens a number of doors in a variety of fields so you’re never stuck. My degree opened so many doors in both the public relations and legal fields. Having a strong communications background has allowed me to think in different ways and address a number of client issues that other attorneys may not think about.

Brandi Planet, Founding Partner Lex Domus Law
Lawrence Wu

Communication is a critical life skill, which is why Communication Studies is so important. Instructors like Jenny Farrell, Chloe Powell, and Tara McManus will not only open the doors for you to learn about aspects of communication that you never really considered but will work tirelessly to help develop you personally and professionally.  Public speaking has always been a crippling fear. I called in sick when it was my day to deliver presentations, and I am sure there were days I was crying like a baby in my car because of my fear. Due to all the Professors in the department, I am more confident as a public speaker, which in all honesty, I never saw happening. For this alone, I am eternally thankful to the Communication Studies instructors. I'm thankful I selected Communication as a major. It has improved my self-awareness and awareness of the people around me. It's a skill set that all of us will always use in our daily lives, no matter what. 

Lawrence Wu, recent Communication Studies graduate

Internships and Other Opportunities

In addition to traditional course work, we also have opportunities to be involved outside of the classroom. We offer internships opportunities ranging from local nonprofits to national political offices and international businesses. Students can become involved in a variety of student clubs, and high achieving COM majors may be eligible for our honors society, Lambda Pi Eta.