Undergraduate Program

The Department of Communication Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Our majors engage, motivate, and impact society through effective communication in interpersonal, group, and public settings.


The Department of Communication Studies’ Bachelor of Arts degree focuses on how two or more people exchange messages to (hopefully) achieve shared meaning. By majoring in COM Studies, you will learn about the functions, process, channels, and influences of communication across several contexts (public deliberation, interpersonal, small group, and organizational). You will increase your knowledge about communication which is vital for achieving individual, group, and community or social goals.

Course work for a COM BA or Minor will help you develop the communication skills that hiring managers across the country report recent college graduates lack, such as:

  • the ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing;
  • the ability effectively explain complex ideas and share information one-on-one and in small groups;
  • the ability to work in teams;
  • the ability to think critically and analytically;
  • the ability to solve problems ethically

In addition to traditional course work, we also have opportunities to be involved outside of the classroom. We offer internships opportunities ranging from local nonprofits to national political offices and international business. Students (majors, minors, and from other programs) can become involved in a student club, and high achieving COM majors may be eligible for our honors society, Lambda Pi Eta. COM Studies also is home to UNLV’s nationally ranked debate program.

We are dedicated to helping out students succeed. Examples of jobs that Communication Studies students have taken after graduation include: nonprofit communication specialist, government communication director, and an admissions specialist for a university. Recent graduates have also gone on to join our M.A. program, a great opportunity to extend your education. Please read our FAQs page which hopefully will help guide you through the program, or reach out with any additional questions you may have.

Natalierose Pennington, Ph.D., Undergraduate Coordinator

Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies


Admission to the Major

Students will be assigned a Pre-Communication Major (PRE-COM) designation until they have completed the following premajor requirements and have a 2.0 GPA:

  • Communication Core (nine credits): COM 101 or HON 190A, COM 102, and COM 216.
  • UNLV General Education Core courses (16 to 18 credits total): ENG 101 and 102, U.S. and Nevada Constitutions requirement, and six credits chosen from the remaining General Education Core requirements.
  • All courses satisfying PRE-COM requirements must be completed with at least a C (2.0) grade (C- is unacceptable). PRE-COM designates may not enroll in upper-division COM courses (300 to 400 level).
Crowd of students celebrating at graduation

Admissions to the Minor

Before being admitted to a minor in Communication Studies, students must complete the following with a minimum grade point average (in these courses) of 2.5 and no course grade below "C."

  • One of the following: COM 101, Oral Communication (three credit hours), or COM 102, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (three credit hours), or HON 190A, Honors Public Speaking (three credit hours).
  • Program requirement: COM 216, Survey of Communication Studies (three credit hours).
  • Theory requirement: One of the following: COM 400, Human Communication Theory (three credit hours), or COM 409, The Rhetorical Tradition (three credit hours).
  • Elective requirement: Nine credit hours of elective courses, six of which must be upper-division (300- or 400-level) courses. Elective courses may include 300- or 400-level HON courses taught by COM faculty.




The Department of Communication Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies in two major areas of concentration: Relational Communication and Public Communication.

Students of Relational Communication study the different ways individuals, small groups, and organizations exchange messages to achieve shared meaning. These skills that result from such studies are crucial in a wide range of professions, including careers in business, nursing, counseling, psychology, and social work.

Students of Public Communication study processes and types of persuasion that impact political communities, from ethical argumentation to deceitful propaganda. The persuasive skills that result from such studies are also crucial in a wide range of professions, from careers in politics and law to careers in journalism and public policy.

Students in Communication Studies join the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, which focuses on public policy, criminal justice, social work, journalism and media studies, and, of course, central to them all, communication studies. This means you will enjoy a huge range of internship opportunities, including those provided by local non-profit organizations, national and state political offices, and international businesses.

Choose Communication Studies. Engage the world. Motivate the world. Impact the world!

Degrees Offered

Communication Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
  • Minor in Communication Studies