Applicants are expected to have completed at least 12 upper-division credits (i.e., 4 courses typically) in courses related to the internship subject area prior to registering for the internship and to have at least a 3.00 GPA. Applicants may complete up to six credits of internship, but only three credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements in the major. See the Internship Policies for more details. All internships must be registered with Handshake through the Career Services office on campus. Submit a copy of the completed internship application to the Communication Studies Internship Coordinator.


Chloe Powell.
Internship Coordinator

Student Testimonials

Sage Sammons

"Going through the internship course with the UNLV Department of Communications Studies truly set me up for success after graduation. I was able to gain an internship with the UNLV Athletic Department and the course work assigned by the college was open enough to allow me to learn during my internship but also held me accountable each week and gave me the ability to reflect on what I learned. My internship laid the foundation and gave me the experience needed to obtain employment following graduation."

Sage Sammons, BA Communication Studies, 2012
Communications Director, Vegas Golden Knights
Aubrie Curci

"After completing the internship program with the Communication Studies Department at UNLV, I feel prepared to begin my journey on a new career path. Through my internship at United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN), I have grown both professionally and personally. It was amazing to see my work inspire members of our community to participate in philanthropic events and make generous donations to important causes. This experience enabled me to explore various aspects of my professional self and helped me determine the career path I want to take."

Aubrie Curci, BA Communication Studies, 2020