Internships offered for credit through the Department of Communication Studies give students the chance to gain experience in the various fields of communication. Interns may work for non-profit organizations, in political communication, in human resources, in public information offices, on public service campaigns, or in other areas that inform and/or are informed by the systematic study of human communication. Submit a copy of the completed internship application to the Communication Studies Internship Coordinator.


Chloe Powell
Internship Coordinator

In order to earn credit for an internship, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Have obtained (or working to obtain) an internship that will (a) allow you to work with an on-site mentor to gain professional experiences in an area related to your career interests and (b) provide you with 150 hours of internship time over the course of the academic term;
  2. Junior standing as a major or minor in the Department of Communication Studies;
  3. A 2.5 or higher overall grade point average;
  4. A minimum of 12 upper-division (300/400-level) credits earned in Communication Studies courses that prepare students to perform the internship;
  5. Consent of the Internship Coordinator.

  1. Students should start arranging for an internship at least four weeks before they plan to register for courses. Internships posted on the Career Services website at UNLV typically qualify as Internship opportunities for COM students. ALL internships must be preapproved by the Internship as a part of the COM 499 application and registration process. Internship applications will NOT be processed once a semester begins—they are only processed for the NEXT semester. Students must not assume that because they have secured an internship with an organization that it will be approved by the Communication Studies department for COM 499. Preliminary conversations about potential internships with the COM Internship Coordinator and Career Services should occur the semester before the internship would occur and before securing the position with the internship sponsor.
  2. Students are responsible for arranging interviews with prospective on-site supervisors and negotiating their duties and the details of the internship opportunity. On-site supervisors must agree to serve as the contact for the COM department and be willing to provide oral and/or written assessments of the student’s performance during and end of the academic term.
  3. On-site supervisors finalize interns’ work schedules and duties.
  4. Applications for COM 499 must be submitted to and approved by the Internship Coordinator 1 week prior to beginning of term the internship will be completed.

Student Testimonials

Sage Sammons

"Going through the internship course with the UNLV Department of Communications Studies truly set me up for success after graduation. I was able to gain an internship with the UNLV Athletic Department and the course work assigned by the college was open enough to allow me to learn during my internship but also held me accountable each week and gave me the ability to reflect on what I learned. My internship laid the foundation and gave me the experience needed to obtain employment following graduation."

Sage Sammons, BA Communication Studies, 2012
Communications Director, Vegas Golden Knights
Aubrie Curci

"After completing the internship program with the Communication Studies Department at UNLV, I feel prepared to begin my journey on a new career path. Through my internship at United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN), I have grown both professionally and personally. It was amazing to see my work inspire members of our community to participate in philanthropic events and make generous donations to important causes. This experience enabled me to explore various aspects of my professional self and helped me determine the career path I want to take."

Aubrie Curci, BA Communication Studies, 2020