Graduate Program

The Master of Arts program in the Department of Communication Studies brings together scholars interested in the various aspects of interpersonal communication and rhetorical studies. The program prepares you for careers in the private sector, government agencies, or further educational opportunities. Recent graduates have been accepted to top doctoral programs throughout the country. Master of Arts

Degree Requirements

All students take a core of four classes:

  • Survey of Communication Studies
  • Theories of Communication
  • Research Methods I
  • Research Methods II

Graduate teaching assistants must also take College Teaching in Communication during or prior to their first semester as a teacher. You may elect to complete your program with original research leading to a thesis or a comprehensive examination.

Thesis-track students take a minimum of 30 credits of coursework plus six credits of thesis work that ends with an oral defense of the thesis. Examination-track students take at least 36 credits of coursework followed by an eight-hour examination and oral defense. Professional Paper-track students take at least 36 credits of coursework and produce a substantial professionally-oriented research paper followed by an oral defense.