For questions or concerns regarding the information shared below, please reach out to the department:

I’m currently enrolled in COM 216. I can even show you that I’ve got a great grade in the class. Will you give me permission to enroll in X required course (COM 400/408/409/435)?

This is an issue for many students each semester, as such, we do not make exceptions for overriding this pre-requisite. All students planning to major in COM should wait for their grade to be processed for the prior term, and then work with advising to move from pre-major to major, so they can enroll in the core require courses.

I’m not officially in the major/minor yet. Can I get permission to enroll in one of the core required courses (COM 400/408/409/435)?

These four courses are reserved for students who are declared in the major or minor. Be aware that there are several classes in the Communication Studies department students can enroll in without a petition, assuming they meet the pre-requisites. Those courses and the pre-requisites noted in the UNLV course catalog are each listed below.

Course Prerequisites
Course Prerequisites
COM 101/Oral Communication N/A
COM 102/Introduction to Interpersonal Communication N/A
COM 104/Critical Thinking in Public Argument N/A
COM 203/Advanced Public Speaking COM 101
COM 211/Survey of Rhetorical Studies N/A
COM 212/Introduction to Communication Research COM 102
COM 216/Survey of Communication Studies N/A
COM 217/Argumentation and Debate N/A
COM 302/Issues in Interpersonal COM 216
COM 303/Rhetoric and Ecology COM 216
COM 310/Contemporary Rhetorical Theory COM 216
COM 312/Nonverbal Communication COM 216
COM 315/Small Group Communication COM 216
COM 317/Organizational Communication COM 216
COM 320/Language and Thought COM 216
COM 321/Political Campaign Debates COM 101
COM 328/Interviewing and Self Presentation COM 216
COM 330/Selected Topics*
*(may repeat for up to 6 hours)
COM 101 OR ENG 102
COM 332/Online Relationships COM 216
COM 404/Principles of Persuasion COM 216
COM 407/Gender and Communication COM 216
COM 412/Intercultural Communication COM 216
COM 418/Rhetoric of Science COM 216
COM 427/Love & Romance in Popular Com COM 216
COM 432/Qualitative Research Methods COM 216
COM 434/Comm and Conflict Resolution COM 216
COM 482/Security Discourse COM 216
COM 495/Independent Study COM 216
I can’t take any classes in person this semester. What online classes can I take to help me complete my degree?

Please note that while Communication Studies strives to offer several courses online each semester, we are not a strictly online degree program. If you are unable to take an in-person course in a given semester, consider taking courses outside of the department that can help you work towards your degree. Our online classes fill quickly, so also being sure to enroll as soon as possible can help to make sure you get the classes you need.

I would like to enroll in COM 495: Independent Study, can I have approval to enroll in this course?

COM 495: Independent Study is an opportunity for a student to work closely with a faculty member on an agreed upon topic. It is an option for students who wish to conduct a specific research project that falls outside the scope of existing course offerings. Independent studies are overseen and directed by a Communication Studies faculty member and completed fully in one semester, or over the course of a full summer. Access this document to learn more about the criteria to apply for and participate in COM 495. Once you have your COM 495 faculty director in place and application materials ready, please submit it through our departmental permissions form.

I want to take COM 495: Independent Study next semester, can I have approval to enroll in 6 hours for this course?

While COM 495: Independent Study can be repeated twice (up to six credit hours) it is very rare for a student to be allowed to participate twice, and never in the same semester. Please see the above-mentioned guide for specific details on getting permission and enrolled for a COM 495 class.

I took X course as a COM 330: Special Topics. Can I take it again now that it is an official course for the department?

You cannot take the same course for additional credits. Please work with advising to find a suitable replacement course option. Recent courses that were previously a COM 330 and now have their own code include: COM 327 (Popular Culture), COM 332 (Online Relationships) and COM 427 (Love and Romance in Popular Culture).

I want to participate in an internship (COM 499) next semester. How do I make that happen?

To participate in an internship through the COM department you must meet the basic requirements (minimum 3.0 GPA, have taken 12 upper division credits in the department). Students who meet this requirement are encouraged to connect with our internship coordinator. You can also checkout our website details about the application process and opportunities.

I want to participate in an internship (COM 499) next semester, but I don’t meet the GPA requirement. Can I still do an independent study?

Students who do not meet the minimum requirements cannot complete an internship through the Communication Studies department. Keep in mind there are non-COM internship opportunities through campus you might explore if you do not meet our requirements. These may not be used for COM major credits, however.

I am already doing an internship. Can I use this for COM 499 credit?

Students must pre-register an internship through the internship coordinator for Communication Studies to ensure they receive COM 495 credit. Internship applications will not be processed once a semester begins—they are only processed for the next semester.

I want to get engaged with Communication Studies outside of the classroom. What kind of opportunities are there?

We have several student clubs that we encourage majors and minors to participate in—be sure to check out our honors society, Lambda Pi Eta if you are a junior or senior who meets the requirements.

What kind of jobs can I get with a Communication Studies degree?

There is a wide range of opportunities for Communication Studies majors. Examples of recent jobs from our graduates include, working for a non-profit, communicator director for a political party, and admissions specialist. Check out this page from the National Communication Association that spotlights careers of those with a degree in Communication Studies. The sky is the limit!

I would like to request a permission or exception for my coursework in Communication Studies. How can I do that?

We encourage you to first connect with your advisor in your college to determine the necessity of completing such a form. If you and your advisor believe this is a good idea, please download the appeal form for instructions on submitting these requests.