Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) will coordinate academic resources and services that support the development of each student-athlete to become an independent and proactive scholar at the college level. This service supports and helps balance the student-athlete's transition into UNLV and through the execution of individual-based academic success plans, develops the skills and personal responsibility to be academically successful.  Through proper application, it will also assist in maintaining NCAA, conference, and institutional eligibility for practice, competition, and financial aid. Services include, but are not limited to: one-on-one academic meetings, tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic success coaching, math learning center, instructor office hours, disability resource center/learning specialist, and the writing center. The Academic Eligibility Specialist (AES) will cater the services to meet each individual's needs.

Academic Meetings and Objective-Based Learning

Student-athletes will be assigned periodic academic meetings with their academic eligibility specialist or academic support counselor as a continuous method of support and service. During academic meetings, the SAAS staff incorporates the objective-based learning (OBL) model. The purpose is to provide more thorough assistance to the student-athlete and to teach the essential skill set necessary to effectively study and complete college-level coursework.

Student-athletes are required to bring class related materials to a weekly meeting appointment with their academic eligibility specialist or academic support counselor (syllabi, text books, PowerPoints, planner, course notes, computer, etc.). Study habits, learning styles, classroom participation, study organization, and time management are just a few of the many topics tailored to the needs of each student as they progress academically throughout the semester.

Desired Outcome of Objective-Based Learning

The student-athlete will:

  • Become an independent learner.
  • Have confidence in abilities.
  • Improve critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Have the motivation to complete tasks.
  • Improve grades over time.
  • Improve their communication skills.
  • Learn appropriate study techniques.
  • Acquire test taking, note taking, and writing skills.
  • Read to retain and study to learn.
  • Develop time management skills.

Academic Progress and Grade Reports

At least twice a semester, SAAS will contact your professors/instructors regarding your class attendance and academic progress. The reports will be shared with your coaches and sport administrator. The purpose of the progress reports is to provide a proactive measure to better assist you through your academic career. Through these measures, we will be able to determine and advise towards the appropriate resources that may assist with your academic success.

It is important that you introduce yourself to your professors/instructors so that you can receive helpful information regarding course work and academic success. Regular attendance in class, prompt completion of assignments, and frequent contact with your professor/instructor illustrates that you are actively engaged in pursuing academic success.

Additional Resources

Academic Eligibility Specialists coordinate the academic support resources for their respective teams. Students are encouraged to schedule meetings with their respective AES to review course requirements, including updated assignment sheets and calendars. A student-athlete’s AES can assist scheduling tutoring and academic success coaching appointments.

SAAS and the Academic Success Center (ASC) offer free tutoring for a variety of UNLV courses through the academic year. The mission of the tutoring program is to supplement in-class instruction and enhance the academic experience by providing a respectful, safe educational environment for learning. Tutoring is offered in multiple locations and appointments can be made by the student through Rebel Success Hub. More instructions can be obtained from the AES.

This free resource is provided by the ASC, in which students participate in a peer-led study group. The SI Program assists students with historically difficult courses and guides students with course concepts and learning strategies.

This is a free service provided by the ASC to help UNLV undergraduate students develop strategies for successfully navigating college. Academic Success Coaches partner with student-athletes to help them mature as a learner in the college environment and this collaborative effort focuses on soft skills that can be applied to the college experience. Some of these skills include: time management, goal setting, study skills, test anxiety, motivation, overcoming procrastination and building rapport with professors.

The Center helps students in college math readiness and provide ALEKS math placement assessment.

Student-athletes are encouraged to meet with their professor(s) during designated office hours to discuss class progression, etc. Days and times in which each professor hosts office hours are listed on the course syllabus. If no information is listed, students should speak to instructors before or after class, and/or follow-up with a professionally written email.

Provides assistance with college learning through provision of recommended academic adjustments, auxiliary services, and advocacy. Students needing support must register with the DRC and provide recent and appropriate documentation. DRC professionals will determine student eligibility for services based on the presented information, and offer reasonable adjustments or accommodations that support college learning for each eligible student.

The writer-centered approach fosters an understanding of writing as a series of choices writers make based on context, audience, purpose, and genre. They work with students in any discipline on any writing task (except for legal documents) to help them develop, improve, and transfer writing skills into their personal, academic, professional, and civic lives.