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Access & Equity

Foster a sense of belonging by valuing transparency and fairness, while honoring and embracing diverse voices, skills, experiences, and abilities.

  • We foster open access and equal opportunity in policy and practice.
  • We break down barriers so all may participate and have their voices heard.
  • We assess needs and tailor resources to promote individuals’ success.
  • We exercise fair and equitable treatment, affording all the same opportunity to thrive.
  • We include diverse opinions in final decisions and outcomes.
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Excellence & Integrity

Hold ourselves to the highest standards in all we do to cultivate an innovative, world class educational experience and workforce.

  • We strive for greatness, push boundaries, and make it happen.
  • We champion curiosity, innovate, and pursue opportunities for advancement.  
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable and take responsibility for our words, actions, and outcomes.
  • We play by the rules and lead by example.
  • We are confident in who we are and collectively shape our future.
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Compassion & Inclusion

Extend respect and understanding to our students and colleagues, allowing everyone to fully engage in all aspects of the university.

  • We seek to understand and respect diverse views of the world.
  • We encourage different perspectives to challenge us, motivate us to learn, and broaden our worldview.
  • We are actively involved in supporting and advancing our colleagues and students.
  • We encourage different opinions, experiences, and knowledge to more effectively solve problems and make better decisions.
  • We demonstrate empathy and celebrate our differences.
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Collaboration & Stewardship

Responsibly share and use UNLV’s human, financial, physical, and educational resources including our people’s knowledge and ideas.

  • We involve diverse campus and community partners in decision making and projects.
  • We embody internationalization and embrace intercultural and global responsibility.
  • We responsibly plan and manage the university’s resources with our students in mind.
  • We encourage each other while sharing responsibility for successes and failures.
  • We value every person, every job, and every field of study.


As a minority-serving institution rich with diversity and committed to equity, UNLV:

  • Provides access to world class educational experiences that are responsive to the needs of our students and stakeholders;
  • Engages in groundbreaking research, scholarship, professional, and creative activities that have impact and cross boundaries; and
  • Offers high value, cutting-edge interdisciplinary physical and mental health care to support our community.

We create value for the individuals and communities we serve by fostering a climate of innovation, stimulating economic diversification and workforce development, promoting social justice and inclusion of all voices, and enriching cultural vitality.


Improving the lives of our diverse students and transforming our communities through education and engagement.